Council Feedback on the Cataclysm Classic Beta

We’ve just opened the Cataclysm Beta, and while we have many parts of Cataclysm offline at this time, we intend to enable them in the days to come.

For those of you who are testing Cata with us, please post here with any feedback or discussion or questions you may have.

Thank you!


Thank you! Is there a timeline on when we can anticipate level 80/85 templates available to test out? I read that levelling beyond 80 isn’t currently implemented, so I’m assuming templates will be available once that is. I am just curious if there’s an estimate on when! :hugs:

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I came from the future to warn you that this guild skill will cause problems in the game.

And the best solution is to create an alternative currency (coin/token) in the guild bank that can be used for repairs, rather than relying on the main currency, gold. Many guild leaders will prosper significantly during this expansion with this ability.

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I wasn’t sure if to put this here or on a totally new thread,

With all the attention on Cataclsym today it seems like the perfect time to bring up,

Issues and oversights from the Cataclysm expansion that are in retail and presumably also in Cata Classic,

It would be awesome to see these reviewed for both classic and retail :slight_smile:

Silithus Quest, “The Calling” ID 8315: this quest was mistakenly tagged as deprecated during the shattering, the rest of the quest series is still in game, as are all NPC’s and the reward quest which gave you class specific rewards, which is unable to be reached as it still requires completing this quest

Cooking Quest, “I know a guy…” ID 6612: This quest is still in game, but the NPC hasn’t offered it since cataclysm when daily quests were also added to the questgiver

Fishing Quest, “I got nothin’ left” ID 6609: same problem as the cooking quest, still in game but the NPC hasn’t been offering it since cataclysm

Desolace Quest, “Other fish to fry” ID 6143: quest is still in game, questgiver hasnt been offering it since cataclysm

Desolace Quest, “Clam Bait” ID 6142: same as above

Outland Items: “Primed Key Mold” ID 31239 & 31241: These items havent been dropping since cata, you have to submit a ticket for a GM to mail it to you


I played the last couple of days a bit of the beta. Have been leveling now from 1-35 on one toon (Nightelf-Hunter) and the second is around 35 (Troll-Druid). I will give my opinion on the leveling exp. so far.


  • Overall the leveling felt here rather smooth.
  • far fewer quest bug I encoutered on my journey from 1-35 in comparision to my horde journey.
  • Alliance Zones feel very natrual to level in and you always get lead to the next questing hub.


  • Horde leveling to 35 was full of buggy quests to name a few:

Those also have been reporter via bug tracker - but should need a bit more work I assume

Durotar: Fizzled
This Quest has been even bugged in the original release of Cataclysm and is from time to time also broken in modern WoW. My suggestion would here to rework the way the orb is obtained f.e. via a chest.
You can’t remove the orb from the hand and received a “failed action” prompt.

Northern Stranglethorn: Be Raptor
This quest is only bugged on horde - I could finish it on alliance - you can’t do the final part of the quest which is the escape.

Stonetalon Mountains: In Defense of Krom’gar Fortress
You can’t shoot down the gnome wing commanders with the cannon - but the planes. Also, the cannon controls behave janky, every time you aim at something the cannon automatically points to the ground.

  • Horde Zones could need some more player guidance where to go next esp. if you know the level brackets from classic and suddenly end up the same zone but its leveling bracket is way different.

General Feedback

  • Druid Balance Tree/Abilities are totally bugged atm. and needs a look or two.
    Following talents/abilities don’t work at all from my observation:

Euphoria - Mana Gain and Energy Gain doesn’t proc at all outside eclipse.
Genesis - Rank 2 seems to not increase the duration of Moon Fire and Insect Swarm.
Starsurge - Doesn’t give any lunar or solar power.

  • Adding more Warchief’s Command Board to the overall world and just not only to capital cities could help player to know where to go next. Also some more quests of this kind are needed for some level brackets. In a reworked world you could feel lost if you only know the classic experience.
  • Not particular Beta Feedback but I would like to see some Fresh Servers without the WoW Token to it and the tested Gold Bid Ban from SoD. I would like to experience Cata in a not broken Economy for the first time (as I missed most of the Original Release).
  • Something that came a bit later with MoP is the Area Looting - I would like this change to move forward to Cata Classic as we leave the more Classic Experiences anyway.
  • It would be cool to have a focused PvP Test Phase on the Beta. In this Phase players only can test PvP Balance and Systems to give feedback on it - Often times PvP Tests come way too short due to missing players for testing them.

A few thoughts overall and regarding systems added in Cata but improved upon in later expansions:

  • Transmog: This isn’t enabled yet on the beta but I hope that this could receive the same treatment the collection tab did and go straight to the modern implementation (or close to it at least).

  • Store/RAF mounts: While scrolling through the collection tab, I noticed that Heart of the Nightwing and Heart of the Aspects is in there. I do not see X-53 and Zhevra (which should be there if memory serves). I’m just curios on how these mounts will be handled and if it would simply be “You have this on retail, you get it on Cata”. This should at the very least be the case for the store mounts.

  • Modern AH: This is listed as one of the features on the Cata page ( I guess this will come in a later patch?

  • “New dungeon difficulty system”: I guess this will be similar to how alpha/beta/gamma dungeons worked in Wrath. Will there be a dev-talk on this prior to testing on the beta? It wouldn’t hurt to have an overall talk on how this will work together with raids (both normal and HC) and how things will be handled between tiers.

  • Guild perks: Some has expressed a worry about certain Cata guild perks (looking at you Cash Flow). Will there be any changes made to certain perks, maybe even new ones to replace them?

  • Speaking of guilds: The redesigned guild system is marked as unavailable for testing. I’m guessing both the redesign guild UI and guild leveling will be available for testing in a later phase of the beta?

Also, would it be possible to get a rough timeline for when things are expected to be released for testing, as well as if/when characters will be wiped and/or character transfer will be available?


“Fun” little bug that I have found - using the Gilnean Rapier of Patriots heals Sylvanas. Couldn’t figure out what was going on, until another player pointed it out. Overall Gilneas seemed pretty smooth. No Gilnean Lag ™ like in the original Cata which is kind of nice. Overall seems like a smooth experience leveling wise. Haven’t really joined a guild or anything on alliance side to feel that out. Enjoying it though none the less.

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Thanks for the new roadmap this help a lot understand how cataclysmic will be planned.

But, considering the timeline it seems the “Elemental Unrest” event might be shortened or removed. Could we get more information about what are the plans about the cataclysmic pre-patch event?

There’s also worries about obtaining legendaries considering the shorter timelines. Will shorter timelines mean faster acquisition?


I know that the staff takes upwards of two months to complete, so I am curious about how many guilds will get it because its going to be so short. Don’t know if this one was thought through all the way. Giving us what, a year in DS? Sounds like a slog.

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