Cannot Drop From Combat? Please Report Here

We’ve been following several reports of difficulties transitioning from an in-combat to an out-of-combat state for player characters in various situations, and we’d like to round up some specifics here. Please help us track this down with the following information:

Your character name and realm.
The date and time of the incident.
Which pets and/or bodyguards you had active.
Any steps you took to eventually get out of combat (dismissed bodyguard, traveled to a specific place that always fixes it, etc.)

Thank you very much!


Character: Xarlly

Realm: Azuremyst

Zone: Mechagon

Time: Monday afternoon, I forget exactly what time.

Incident: flew past and aggroed an aerial patrol mob near the fishing mechagnome, then dove into the ocean for a chest that popped up on my map. When I reached the bottom the mob returned to it’s normal location but I stayed locked in combat.

Resolution: used levitate and walked all the way to the far western islands, when that still didn’t drop combat I went under the water and watched YouTube until my character drowned. When I ressed I was no longer in combat.


Characters affected are: my hunter, Nyls-Anvilmar and my warlock, Friedbones-Anvilmar.

This “stuck in combat” bug has been around for a long, long time and not been addressed. The only work around for hunters is to feign death…which is not a permanent solution.

My warlock (w/either imp or void walker) also has this problem but she doesn’t have anything to mitigate this bug so has to run until it finally drops. But sometimes I have to log out of the game and back in just to get rid of it and that is definitely not a solution.

I keep bugging it in game when it happens and figure one of these days it will get fixed, but because its been going on for so long I do not have a list of dates, locations of the incidents.

However, recently there appeared a brand new bug concerning pets who have been dismissed, reappearing even if they have not been summoned. This seems to be affecting all pet classes so maybe Bliz will fix that soon and in the meantime manage to address this “stuck in combat” bug too.


Indeed, has happened to me intermittently ever since Vanilla, but it does seem to be worse than normal in the 8.2 zones.


Character: ThepitJR - Nazgrel
Time/Date: Right now
Pets/bodyguards : None
Zone: Mechagon (anywhere)
resolve: leave zone
logout not possible. reload will do nothing.
Please help!

Just got out of combat … after killing Beastbot

Hey, there. I’ve experienced both the very same instances of being stuck in combat in both the specified areas above, but as well figured out what was causing them to remedy it myself, when it happens.

Near Seaspit/Freza, typically (myself included) people tend to just rush past the mobs fighting each other to engage with the rare. However, they’ve actually aggroed you, but since they’re fighting each other, you never notice, and because the mobs remain indefinitely “in-combat” without evading/leashing due to their battle together, so do you, indefinitely.

In the other instance on the main island, the offending mob is actually the flying crates. They may “aggro” you, or you may hit them by accident fighting other things around Bondo’s yard, but as they have no attacks or indications that you’ve engaged onto their table, you’ll again remain indefinitely in-combat until you find that crate and finish it off.

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Bodyguard disappearing/not contributing to player combat, possibly “still in combat” contributor:

Oh and while we are addressing this issue…here is another one that seems to becoming a major problem as well. It would be nice to nip it in the bud.

Either 7/5 or 7/6, whenever the jetpacks were last active
No pets/bodyguards

I would be stuck in permanent combat whenever I would jetpack around and the guards in the air would aggro me, then if I landed and did not kill they would remain on me and keep me in combat until I died or logged out for 5 minutes.

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This, this, this.
Even then, drop-combat abilities don’t work in some cases.

I’ve used Invisibility with no pets, bodyguards, or guardians of any kind in some areas (especially Mechagon), while running away, and will sometimes go the entire duration and never leave combat.

In many cases, I’ve had to completely altF4 and wait until my character would leave the world (20 seconds or so? I usually wait a full minute), especially while in Mechagon or Nazjatar.

Fixing all of these specific cases isn’t a solution - the combat bug has been an issue since Vanilla and became drastically worse since Legion and is unbelievably bad in 8.2. Instead of manually fixing all of the edge cases and EvE mobs cleaving to put us in combat, I think it’s time for the logic behind Combat Flagging to be rewritten; or at least implement some sort of failsafe that checks a list of typical “in combat” behaviors/expectations that fires off every few seconds after a period of no direct damage dealt or received, and forces combat to end if it doesn’t detect any. Disable it in instances to protect boss encounters.

Sadly I can’t remember the date or time. It was last week. I had my voidlord out in Mechagon out in the western spray. I literally ran from Western Spray to Junkwatt Depot. I was still stuck. I logged out and back in again, then got stuck again North of Bondo’s Boneyard. I ran all the way to Prospectus Bay. Still couldn’t shake the combat so I zoned out to Zuldazar.

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Character: Mamuteomonk

Realm: Ragnaros

Zone: Every zone

Time: Since 8.2

Incident: Most times when I kill a mob and I shoul drop combat, the combat lingers 5-15 sec after even if I clear every mob I agrroed.

First I tought it was because the bodyguard on nazjatar, or maybe even because i used SEF. but after day getting the same interaction i decided to test this, and even in zones when there is just one mob and I have no bodyguard or evev on nazjatar, my combat still linger 5-15sec after it should drop (after I kill the mob). I know this isnt too big but is really annoying, since i kinda grindind rep, AP, with WQ.

I apologyze for grammar, english its not my first language.

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I don’t have a specific example right now but all this expansion if you are near someone else who is attacking a mob you get put in combat - pretty sure this happens even if the opposite faction attacks a mob near you. I don’t think this should be happening.

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I never actually went on land, i was running on the water (using levitate) to try and get far enough away from one of the flying mobs to get combat to drop. Even though it flew back to its spot I stayed in combat until I intentionally drowned, and I didn’t get close to any other mobs.

Zone: Mechagon

I can tell you one example that works every time. If you pull the Upgraded Sentry mobs that are around the grounded aerial unit that you have to kill for one of the dailies (bascially the North West corner of the main island), you will be stuck in combat with it until you kill it, no matter how far away you run in the zone.

I discovered this trying to trigger Gear Checker. The problem is the aerial unit doesnt move, so I couldn’t tell I was in combat with it (I taunted the Sentry mobs from a distance, so I was OOR of the aerial unit’s attack). I figured it out, went back and killed it, and sure enough that is what had me stuck in combat.

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Character: Ash - Thrall
Timestamp: 7/10/2019 / 11am-1pm Central US. I think it was around noon.
Pets/Bodyguard: No pets of bodyguards active
Zone: Mechagon
Details: I was using the anti-gravity pack. I flew by one of the robots in the sky near the Fishing Daily NPC and appeared to aggro it. I flew far away (to the small islands) and it wasn’t following but I was still in combat. I exited the WoW client completely (twice) and relogged and it did not fix the issue. Once I used my Hearthstone (to Horde city) and I was no longer in combat.

Multiple times, latest 4:10 pm Central time.
No pets, no bodygaurds as i am a shaman.
Nothing can get me out of combat other then useing a hearth stone. I am unable to log out, fly, mount, nothing. The only thing i can do is hearth.

I have not had this issue at ALL until today. I do not know if this will happen in other zones, but this morning i was in Nazjatar and i did not have this issue. This seems to be an issue from something you guys “Stealth Patched” into the game…

I just noticed that while i stand here afk, my weapon enchants are still procing. I have masterful navigation and it keeps getting stacks and procing while i stand afk in rustbolt.

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fixed in 8.2