Bring back Ornyx!

The problem is, Blizzard doesn’t like them to be active with us. I know I saw several years ago where GC said in his “10,000 Crabs” blog (not long after he left Blizz actually) that he was specifically told by the higher-ups at Blizz to stop being so talkative in the forums. I’m sure I could find the post but don’t feel like looking right now but it’s in his personal blog.

For Blizz, it very well could have been a performance based cut because he was doing something they are explicitly against…actually engaging with the community.

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Ghostcrawler wasn’t a community manager and he got static because they claimed he was making community managers job useless or something to that effect (pretty sure that was how that went).

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No. It was more than that. I looked and the Cave of 10k Crabs only archives back to 11/2016 and the post was late 2013 or early 2014 so it’s gone, but I’m pretty certain it was more than that.

Also… I’m fully aware that he wasn’t a CM. But CM activity has steadily declined since then and all of the good ones left not long after him.

– Bashiok left in mid 2015
– Chritho left in late 2015
– Zarhym left in early 2016
– Nethaera is still at Blizz, but she no longer engages with the community…something she did a lot until around the time the three above left.
– Ornyx came in late 2015 and left in late 2018. He was very active in the forums and left in the shortest amount of time I’ve seen since I’ve been using the forums since around 2007.
– Ythisens came in late 2017 and was very active in the forums, they laid him off “randomly” in early 2019.

The only “active” CM that is still around is Nathara and I fully believe it’s because she stopped being active with the community.

Think what you like, but the trend speaks for its self.


Some people just talk more than others.

I think you are rewriting history on this. Someone went through his history when he left his profile wasn’t hidden and he wouldn’t have qualified for a trust lvl 3 based on the number of posts he read.

He was’t even with the company for 2 years. These forums came only a couple of years ago, the “New Forum Guide” was posted in 11/2018, he was “laid off” in 2/2019.

Also, trust level 3 only requires 10 posts…not even new posts, replies. The main thing that counts is reading posts, not actually posting. It also requires 20 likes, which no CM can get anyway.

I think you’re understating something simply because you don’t like when CMs post anyway.

So what ? You aren’t required to be here for two years to earn trust level 3. He didn’t READ enough posts to qualify. Reading this forum is an indication of how ‘active’ he was and I personally would have thought it would have been part of his job.

And CMs can give and receive likes so I have no idea what’s up with this.

Here you go a blue post with likes. And I personal know they can give them because I have gotten likes from them before.

say what ? I never said that.

I highly doubt that he wasn’t reading threads or that his activity wasn’t just like every other CM’s, which is probably by default hidden. I think you made up that “someone could see because it wasn’t hidden” comment, or that the “someone” in question made up the statement when they made it. I simply do not believe that to be true.

I will give you that I didn’t actually realize we could like CM posts now. I incorrectly assumed they would have left it the way it was in the old forums since they’d posted liking/disliking (when that was a thing) blue posts wasn’t possible and the reasons why. I just never paid attention…my bad!

Yes… Yes you did.

Is what you said when we started this conversation in response to my saying that I miss CMs that engage with the community.

I said that I like them to talk to us, engage in the community. You said you prefer that they stick to notifications and clarifications only so you don’t have to wade through fluff.

I can’t force you to believe anything, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Wow what a stretch so me saying I like them sticking to clarifications and notifications means.

I would like to think they’ve filtered and vetted the company’s direct spokesmen well enough that trust level 3 would be a given, not something they need to earn like us.

Also using the new forums as a metric for how active mods were is asinine. They were far more active on the old board.


That isn’t what the discussion what about. That person claimed one CM was very active. I disagreed because his stats indicated he wouldn’t even meet the reading requirement for a trust lvl 3.

Like I said above, none of them have been as active on this board as the old one. I regularly saw posts from Ornyx and Ythisens. I didn’t even have to seek them out. Whether I was looking around GD, the Paladin forums, or any other board you’d see them poke their head in once in a while.

I’ve browsed these new boards more frequently, and so far the only post I’ve found ‘organically’ (without clicking the Blizzard tracker and specifically looking for them) was from Kaivax earlier today. Prior to that nothing in 2 months. On the old board if it went more than a week without seeing Ornyx or Ythisens I started to wonder if they were sick.

Edit: speaking of the Blizzard tracker, I might be imagining this but I see a stark difference between blue interaction with Classic’s forum and this one. It’s almost like on the Classic board they’re free to interact the way they did in Wrath and prior. Weird.


Kind of like , if there is no one to hear our grievances then there are no grievances.

Blizz employees don’t have to meet the requirements that is only for the paying player base.

Before the changes Yitheisens was quite active .

Disregard the quote part that was an accidental quote


Only semi-germaine, but I couldn’t resist.

I know they don’t have to meet the trust requirements. I am trying to point out ‘active’ is a very subjective term and illustrate if you actually look at objective stats that may have not been the case at all.

There were lots of complaints about not enough communication when he was here.

You guys are trying to rewrite history.

Oh he was active but most of it was fluff threads or classic .

Plus everything about these forums is subjective.

Heck I can still remember when Lore engaged with us before becoming attached to Watcher .

All we are saying is in the past the CMs engaged more with us some of it was relevant and some not so much .

IMO it started getting worse starting in WoD when players found out about no flying from a source outside of Blizz . The resulting backlash resulting in loss of players until PF came along. This was furthered along when people started speaking up about issues to classes and other aspects of the game in the open alpha/beta and ptr testing of the game going all the way up to now.

THis latest bunch doesn’t want to hear even constructive criticism and by having the CMs engage with us less they don’t have to

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Nah, you just can’t accept that you’re flat out wrong.

There’s no benefit to me to fabricate Ornyx or Ythisen’s activity in the past.

But I can tell you this, if they didn’t poke their head out more than anyone else I would’ve long forgotten they even existed. Those two are the only CMs I could name off the top of my head (sorry ahead of time to any current blues that might spot this).

Says the person who has already been PROVEN wrong a number of times in this discussion. Yes right, everyone should believe you.

How did you prove me wrong? I said they were more active on the old board. Your data from the current boards is irrelevant.

Oh I see it is a memory problem. You can scroll up and just read to refresh your memory you know.