Bring back Ornyx!

It’s almost like community building is not one of their priorities for the community builders. Honestly though, how many decent people do you think are willing to dance around questions and give half-true answers while carrying Ion’s water for terrible decisions?

Not a job a person with integrity would keep for very long IMO.

Telling people the truth, even when they don’t like it is a tough job, but it will earn you their respect even if they don’t like you for doing so.

It isn’t even that, it’s the general premise that this community in the past as well as other communities just will never be satisfied with the answers they are given. No matter how vague or direct they are. You’re always going to have a vocal group of whiners who don’t actually want anything adjusted so much as to just complain and feel like they’re in the right. There are a number of posters on these forums who engage in this. I recognize names and it’s usually the same few people in every outrage complaining most vocally. Most visible of the bunch from my experience is Rankin and Rastlin. I remember in Mage Tower threads when Rastlin would come in with his whole spiel about “Oh well Blizzard just caters to elitists and hates the casual players like me so they’re trying to gate me from content.” That dude threw down the elitist card so fast the god damn deck wasn’t even in print yet.

I don’t even expect people on these forums to give logical answers 99% of the time if the Brutosaur outrage is anything to go on. A lot of the people in those threads aren’t giving genuine concern so much as complaining for the sake of complaining. So I wouldn’t really expect it of the moderation who I honestly feel probably tries to engage with the community with a bunch of shot glasses lined up they take whenever they hear a buzzphrase. I know for a fact I would.

If you want a good example on why this community is probably one of the worst to try and engage with, look no further than the legacy of Tseric. Name unfamiliar? He was a community manager (or something of that nature) during the launch of TBC who infamously had a meltdown on the shaman forums. Why? Because people did nothing but whine and complain. If a new player asked if they should play a shaman people immediately bombarded the thread with “DON’T PLAY SHAMAN! IT SUCKS AND BLIZZARD HATES US, DON’T ASK HOW WE KNOW WE JUST DO!” If the guy made a post anywhere he had people spam him with “WHY ARE SHAMANS SO BAD?! YOU’RE THE WORST!”

I’m not denying that Blizzard has made a lot of terrible decisions in the past as well as present, but like I somewhat hinted. They are not engaging with rational people. They’re engaging with an angry rabble. Regardless of what you say or do they are going to complain and shriek and even giving them their way isn’t enough because they’re just going to want more of their demands given. Give them four of their five demands? Suddenly the other 4 never happened and you’re still the worst person alive.

I can’t even be bothered to engage with this community half the time as a voluntary effort whenever there’s a thread I try to inject some common sense into. I’d probably kms if I had to do it for an actual job, or end up in a psych ward with a straight jacket.


I don’t think you worded it in a particularly reasonable fashion, but I can agree with the sentiment, as I have been personally forum banned for something that was insignificant in comparison to some of the things I see on a daily basis. I can only conclude that the mod on that given day must not have been a fan of the fresh prince :stuck_out_tongue:

(it was a long time ago)

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I appreciate the well thought out reply, but it didn’t address the core point I was trying to make. Perhaps I worded it poorly.

Players will complain about anything, that is very true, but if they want people to respect an unpopular decision, they need to at least attempt to rationalize it.

Not some glib BS about “Vendors are too hard to find” or similar off the cuff smackdowns instead of meaningful dialog.

I disagreed with GC on many points, but I respected him because he would defend his position with logic. Now we get snarky non-responses instead.

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The day Triplex was banned the quality of this forum plummeted.

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Dont worry Im still here!

And we praise the Sun every day that you haven’t left us yet.




I miss all Blue’s that have the bravery to tackle the horrors of GD and bounce some of the sass back at us.


Pretty sure he left because he wanted to. Don’t people get to move on to other things ?

The vendors are actually a pain to find it you are leveling up through all the expansions and wanting to find the vendors, they are literally all over the place.

I haven’t been in that situation but just the hunt for the pvp vendors for cosmetics is really annoying.

That said they really could just move them to one place in a capital city and/or combine them so that they asked you which expansion you wanted pvp gear first, then you made your selection and it gave you the vendor for that expansion.

There were a bunch of them back in the day. When they all left we only had Ornyx left. Then he was also run off. Now none of the CMs actually talk to us and the few who do don’t say anything worthwhile.

I miss the CMs who actually were a part of the community.


I don’t agree with this. They generally stick to notifications and clarifications and that is what I want. I don’t want to have to wade through a bunch of fluff posts when I am using the blue tracker.

The sad thing with Ythisens is that it seems the way blizzard made their cuts was entirely a random selection and not based off of performance. It can’t be considering out of the 2 mods he was definitely the most active and engaging of the two.


How do you know it wasn’t based on performance ? I am sure they had complaints about Ythisens, whereas, they might not have had complaints about the others. Just because certain people on this forum ‘liked’ him doesn’t mean he was performing in a manner blizzard approved of.

Then blizzard needs to get their priorities straight. He was the one mod that did more than just post for official things such as announcements or patches. He was especially active in the classic forum and was the link between them and the classic team providing a lot of the info from the classic team to the players and also giving feedback to the team from the players.


I think they do. I prefer the other CMs that are currently posting to him.

Awww I miss him :frowning:

As someone who doesn’t wade through the Blue Tracker, I enjoyed seeing them post in threads that I had an interest in.

I can choose to not look at fluff posts and do every day (mostly anyway).

We used to have CMs who would talk, even just to state their own opinion (not Blizzard’s or anything official), in threads that dealt with player concerns and things. Today we have near zero activity from any CMs that isn’t some notice for the next whatever nonsense is being added to the game that no one wanted anyway.


So you prefer something different than I do. You made that clear in your first post.