Anti Necro Posting

Tempting actually. Because this is the perfect Sunday Morning Necro.


Oh dear…


+1 for you sir


I blame Bolvar for the raising of dead threads.


I’m sure somebody will necro this thread in 6 months.

I was actually just discussing this with a colleague yesterday. We didn’t immediately agree on the right timeframe for a thread to close after its last post, but it seems like 60 or 90 days is more than enough time.


Oh sweet a Blue reply. Thank you, that sounds good.

The European forums already lock after 30 days, per the OP.

You mean Americans need a different lock time?


We’ve certainly had a different time for the last 14 months. It’s hard to know what we need though. This region includes all of the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand.

But the setting isn’t by-region. It’s by-forum. And we can test it on a specific forum, if we want to. For instance, a bug report forum is a place where we’ve read every post extensively, and perhaps don’t want older threads revived when a player experiences something new.


I really never did understand the anti-necro rules on any forum. There are plenty of times I’ve searched something on google, found a thread that had my exact problem that was months old and would’ve benefited greatly from responding in that thread so the OP gets notifications and I don’t have to re-state a bunch of things.

All because old threads are inherently bad for… reasons?


I am. Also obligatory demand for Mortis to request the deletion of DHs.

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60 to 90 days after the last post makes plenty of sense. That means a thread that is even somewhat an active discussion wouldn’t get locked prematurely.

However unless the OP mistyped something, they were asking for a lockout 30 days after the first post. One might think they have an axe to grind against some of the more popular megathreads.

At least now I know how often this thread needs to be resurrected to keep it from getting necrotic. :+1:


I didn’t necessarily suggest for the forums to have threads locked 30 days after the first post. I was just making a point that the Europe forums have this system in place for their General Discussion and we don’t so I mentioned that.

Also, @Dumb, the rules are in place because again it can be confusing for threads to resurface especially on old subjects and not creating new threads goes against what we want which is creating new threads with new replies to keep the forum thriving and lively. You could refer to how it was posted before by a particular person to remind people. I don’t actually know why exactly anti necro rules are in place, I’m just making reasonable assumptions.

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so… will we be seeing this introduced to the NA forum at some point?

in a game which constantly changes, so much stuff can vary from patch to patch.
necroing threads with outdated information isn’t very helpful.


In Na, we dislike multiples of the same thread. Hence why we use megathreads more often and for longer periods of time.


I think it makes sense to lock down a post after x days. I don’t think deleting the post is right though. That way when searching for it you don’t lose the history and info. People can still reference it at any time just can’t revive it. If there’s a need to revive a post that old then it probably warrants a new post all together and you can link the old one for reference if needed.


if you can lock based on time from the first reply, you should just set a time frame of like a month from the LAST reply. if no one replies to something for a month, people are probably done with that thread.


What annoys me is threads that are still 100% current and applicable that get locked after a month or so. I think some discretion should be made based on what kind of thread it is.

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I’m confused about this practice as well, on other forum (e.g. Stackoverflow) people frown upon duplicated topics and there’s always someone reminding you that the question has been asked before even tho it’s a completely different scenario. Well in php, javascript or sql related topics, I’m not sure about others.

I don’t mean to sound insolent…but…

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