Bring back Ornyx!

Tea Goat was one of the few community mods people respected, and when he left, so did the quality of this forum.


Never heard of him.

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I also miss Ythisens…

Only good people go away. :sob:


I miss ghost crawler. I barely ever agreed with him but I miss his sass towards some people


Me too. I liked when he poked fun at the Night Elves.


This forum had quality?


You can’t expect decent people to work in these forums given the things they do here.


Jannies are almost always a bunch of people who shouldn’t realistically ever have power. They’re more or less like the hall monitor trope of someone who just wants to flex their authority upon those they either don’t like or disagree with then point at the rules saying “I’m just upholding the rules.”

The selective application of their power is usually why people hate them so much, and this is true of nearly all forms of moderation. Be it forum moderator, police officer, anything under that umbrella. People have biases, very few people are capable of divoricing themselves from them to make rational decisions. What usually happens is “Oh I disagree with this opinion and they said it in a way I can construe loosely as breaking ToS so I’m gonna punish them. However I will ignore this person very blatantly breaking ToS because I agree with them and will just say I didn’t see it.”

I.E Twitter moderation.

Edit: Probably gonna get muted for this because of some mental gymnastics interpretation of ToS and someone who this is directed at getting offended and choosing to prove my point.


It’s nice to have an opinion, but saying that the quality of these forums went with them is just that… your opinion.

Welcome to the forums though!


Normally people don’t go out of their way to show how new they are to the forums.


Not only do I miss GC, I miss actual game devs kickin it with us on the forums. Not that CMs aren’t coola nd all, but forget blue posts - when’s the last time you saw an actual Developer take 5 minutes of their day to post here? I bet they don’t even know their passwords to log in anymore. =P


Ion posted on the forums not that many weeks ago. That being said, GC was the epitome of engagement. Communication from Blizz as a whole went down the drain when he left.


Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing that and skimming through it. I guess I stand corrected.

Holinka used to.

True, I remember seeing Holinka around back in the day too. But I took a for serious extended break around Cataclysm and really didn’t come back to the forums outside pestering the Paladin boards during Legion.

I probably should’ve checked before making that comment, it looks like there are a pair that are posting fairly regularly - they’re just not doing so in places I would see them. Not exactly fair to say they never post when the reality is I’m not looking in the sub forums they’re posting in.

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Hopefully he has moved onto better greener pastures.

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Never heard of that norm either

See, the upsetting thing about that is Ythisens was laid off where as Ornyx left to pursue different ventures. And man… Ythisens was super upset about being laid off.

With no disrespect to any of the other CM’s, Ythisens was always my favorite. He called people out when they tried to lie on the forums, he was active, his twitter feed was ALWAYS WoW related and he always wanted to talk about WoW. Guy absolutely LOVED World of Warcraft, Blizzard, and its community.

Again, nothing against any of the other CM’s, they are all great but I absolutely always enjoyed seeing Ythisens post because he rarely pulled any punches.


Not only that, from what I’ve seen, the former still happens on twitter, as does the latter.

Oh yeah, dude is still super passionate about the game. Nothing but respect for Ythisens :slight_smile: