Botting Help

I’m not really sure where to put this. The report function literally does nothing without multiple people doing it, and they won’t since its in TBC area.

Is there another way to report these people to get some real results? Or is it only by right click and report?

Concerning they dont just…get GM’s. Literally took me two minutes to sit and watch as people went by, clearly bots, all the same skin, weapons, animations, and movements. Saddening

I’m sorry, but it literally does. You are thinking of the squelch system that will not squelch another user unless enough reports are received.

Right click report is the best means of reporting but you can also email if you wish to report activity at a specific location.


For future reference anyone that comes here reports arent allowed over the forums and putting video evidence is strictly against the rules were not allowed call outs.


There was zero attitude, just advice on how to report it so the appropriate people will see it. There isn’t going to be a bolt of in game lightening that strikes them down. They will study the bots and find a way to break it and then issue a ban-wave similar to the recent one that snared 74,000.


There was no attitude, merely correcting your stance that right click reporting doesn’t work.

Blizzard never has banned bots here and there - it’s pointless and futile as it just alerts the bot makers and cheaters to detection - which they then make changes to avoid further detection.

Part of the investigation into botters is to follow the gold trail. They most certainly don’t get to keep it if it’s proven they’re botting - nor do they get to keep anything purchased with said gold.

See my point above.


I’m not certain what attitude you are referring to, Summit. What I may or may not realize when it comes to the botters is entirely irrelevant to my advice on how is best to report them.

Well, you provided video which appears to show a snapshot of an area in-game that seems to be involved in some exploitative activity and dismissing the methods of reporting that are available with a false narrative.

I wanted to correct that false information because it negatively impacts players motivation to use the reporting systems that are there specifically for this purpose.

While I appreciate that you are trying to be edgy with your caplock emphasis, Summit, you are wrong in your statement. On several counts.

Reporting absolutely does help in this situation, as it collects data that our hacks teams use in their investigations. It doesn’t lead to an immediate action, those investigations take time.

I am not certain what you are referring to as automated. We don’t really have automated actions involved here outside of when we develop specific detections for botting programs that we’ve found. Part of what our hacks team does is work on either breaking the bot, preventing the bot from accessing the game or detecting the bot if the other two options aren’t feasible.

Not all botting/exploitation can be handled this way because the bot makers are always changing their programs to be undetected. It is one of the reasons why we operate the way we do, because the more we can confuse them on how we are finding them the better.

As for profit… Yes, they may be botting in that area, obtaining gold, etc… but
part of the process is also to track where everything is going. We try to hit the entire ring when taking action. From the bots that are collecting to the gold/items to the other accounts responsible for distribution. It obviously doesn’t stop them forever, but it can put a huge dent in their operation.

Yes, correcting misinformation is how it is going to be. That is my job, trying to provide what insights I can. I’ll leave the thread open for now.

Edit: Actually, I don’t think anything further needs to be added so I’ll lock it up as you requested. Thanks all!