Mass Reporting

Yes there is. You are wrong.

Why would Blizzard create an automatic banning system that is ineffective against bots, that no one has ever shown to have banned a bot; no video evidence, nothing. Why would they create a system that can apparently only be used when a large group of people conspire to ban someone unjustly?

People complain for months on end that reporting, even en masse, does nothing to remove botters from the game. Now people claim those same reports can automatically ban people.

If there was an automatic banning system, players would be able to go around with raids, banning the bots outside of Stratholme and ZG. This will never be shown to happen because automatic bans from player reports do not happen.

Look at this.

And? The guy is speculating, he has no evidence there is an automated suspension and he even refers to the suspension as a ban. He doesn’t differentiate between the two and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Just a fake news article for $$$.

Did you not read the blue post? “While investigating the accounts involved, we did discover evidence of some players who were attempting to file false reports with bad intent and have actioned those accounts for abuse of game systems.”

Did YOU not read the Blue post?

After reviewing the accounts in question, we can confirm that the actions did not happen as the result of abuse of the reporting system.

I am not certain what you are referring to as automated. We don’t really have automated actions involved here outside of when we develop specific detections for botting programs that we’ve found.

It didn’t say that anywhere in the blue post.

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I wouldn’t pay attention to Delimicus, he’s been trolling around with the same message when there’s video proof from Asmongold about the automative systems. Even a blizzard posted about the mass report griefing during the Sceptor quest (was it Sulfuras? Can’t remember)

“Sulfuras Alliance mass reported him to the extent that he was automatically banned and received a 7 day ban just as the boss was pulled.” I mean it says it here that it was auto-banned. If you mass report for cheating, you get a 6 month suspension.

Who cares what a wowhead contributor says? Blizzard says there is no automatic ban or suspension.

You seem gullible to believe that they don’t have an automated system in play here.

No, trolling would be lying and claiming there’s an automatic ban from player reports. Blizzard has straight up said they don’t have automatic actions outside of when they develop specific detections for botting programs they’ve detected.

You mean the Blizzard post that said the reports didn’t contribute to the suspension on the player?

After reviewing the accounts in question, we can confirm that the actions did not happen as the result of abuse of the reporting system.

Gullible would be believing that there is an automated banning system from player reports that doesn’t work against bots and can only be used when players conspire to falsely ban another player. Why would a system like this exist?

Blizzard has done it for other games. Why wouldn’t they try it out here as well? I am sure it is 90+% effective at stopping cheaters. It is the 10% that I am concerned about. If the Game Masters don’t properly investigate the reports when it is disputed, it becomes a problem. Game Masters will just uphold it and move on to the next ticket to increase their metrics.

If there was an automated banning systems, players could effectively police the servers they play on.

Multiboxers would be given the power to ban any bots they see. This doesn’t happen because they don’t have that power because automatic bans from player report Do.Not.Happen.

Multiboxers are not enough. It would take around 20+ reports to be considered a mass report. So guilds or large pvp communities could band together to mass report. I am not sure you are grasping the concept.

There’s plenty of multiboxers that have 20+ accounts. If all it took was 20 reports, then players wouldn’t have complained ENDLESSLY for months that reports DO NOTHING against bots.

If 20 reports is all it took to automatically ban a bot, then all those bots outside of ZG on popular servers would be banned immediately.

Players can’t ban other players.

Well it has happened to my Guild Master so I am not going to take the word of a player. Perhaps if I could speak to a real person at Blizzard I could accept it, but they won’t even provide evidence on why my Guild Master was suspended. They did mention that they received mass reports however.

I find it a little funny that when you believe a Blue post confirms your bias, you’re willing to use it as evidence that you’re correct. When I point out that the Blue post actually contradicts your belief, you go to wowhead to confirm your bias.

Believe Blizzard when it suits you, and call them liars when it doesn’t?

You took the word of a player in that wowhead article. You’re ignoring the words of the Blizzard employees that I’m linking here.

That is for that situation, but they did admit that they received false reports so it did happen. I think they are trying to hide the true nature of the system so it is not exploited, but it is a little late for that.