New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Can we get this cap removed already…


Sure. As soon as you can convince every botter in the world to stop it already.

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You mean as soon as you can convince Blizzard to invest in active moderation against botting rather than limiting how much legitimate players can play the game because they’re pinching pennies.


It’s not an either-or thing. They are engaging in active moderation as well as limiting botter profits.

This is consistent with how everyone else protects their property. Banks still maintain alarms, even though those do nothing to prevent identity theft. In addition to doing that, they require multi-factor authentication for online access to banking information. They’re not going to abandon one security measure in favor of another.

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That’s a big LOL.

Automated systems that take weeks or months to ban botters and have been proven to ban legitimate players in the process don’t really count as “active moderation.” To me that’s more “dumpster fire moderation.”

You wanna know what most large banks also have? Guards on-duty during all business hours and even some after-hours. The Blizzard version of this would be in-game GM’s, which were once a thing and were very popular & effective, but Blizzard is sacrificing security to save money.


We don’t really have automated actions involved here outside of when we develop specific detections for botting programs that we’ve found. Part of what our hacks team does is work on either breaking the bot, preventing the bot from accessing the game or detecting the bot if the other two options aren’t feasible.



Oh, what was I thinking?!? Of course a random forum poster knows way more about Blizzard’s bot banning processes than Blizzard itself:

As they stated on July 1st:

Your claim that they aren’t engaging in active moderation is clearly at odds with Blizzard’s own reports.

As you just admitted, Blizzard has that equivalent with their in-game GM system, which is alive and well. Yes, banks have guards. Do they have two guards posted at every single teller? No. Are the guards expected to curb identity theft? No. Again, I don’t see the point you were even trying to make with this. The existence of one security measure to address one problem does not prevent them from employing other security measures to address other problems. Regardless of whether they have 2 guards per bank or 20 guards per bank, the alarms are staying on, the amount of money in the vault at any given time is going to be limited, and serial numbers on bills are going to be tracked.

In other words, the number of GMs has nothing to do with this decision, which was made for the purposes of limiting the botters’ profitability before they can be reported and banned.


oof this thread almost died.


I’m still waiting for this change to be reverted.


fighting this change so i can dungeon grind to 70 in BC.

won’t be able to if this stays live

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Imagine this change going into TBC :frowning:

BC already breaks most of the exploits people were doing that hit the 30 runs per day by design.

Still waiting for the revocation of this insane change. i dislike alts. it basically forces me to play alts if i am to play or excessively monitor my instance activities.

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SO tired of this. I play for a few hours in the morning then a few hours after work and I am at my instance limit… I used to be able to do several hours in the morning and several before bed, get a good 45+ instances… I still see the bots, I still get the dozen “buy gold now” mails. I still report these #@#$@#@s. But blizzard doesn’t ban them. Blizzard instead bans the legit players and then says “well we don’t care”
WHY am I even playing this? I have some one else paying for it at least (use tokens on retail) but blizz is still getting there money and NOT taking care of the issues!

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At least we are closing in on 5000 posts

You dont need an exploit to hit 30 instance in a day, SO I am unsure what you mean by it being “fixed” in BC but in BC farming low level vanilla instances is a thing and people will hit that 30 instance cap even easier.


That will happen regardless. Instead, imagine going into TBC without this restriction like it was intended when it was created nearly 15 years ago :crazy_face:

This limit is still ridiculous.


The bottom line is, whatever Blizzard does, it’s all LEGAL

They don’t care. The sooner people realize this the better. Unless what they do will cost them money they simple do not care. Blizzard is only about $$$ anymore. period.