Bots and support are both damn near useless

i have reported so many bots on cairne and nothing happens. they are doing it right in a HEAVY traffic area so they know blizz wont do anything about it. try to open a ticket and get lost in their “support” crap. this isnt helping.

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All I can offer is the same thing repeated over and over.

Reporting does help, though from your limited view of the situation you may not see immediate action, behind the scenes reporting helps. It’s not all that is needed.

You don’t need to open a ticket each time, in fact the only ticket you need is based on the right click and report. If your report succeeds in action against an account, you should shortly receive an in game mail thanking you for your report. Those reports go to a team dedicated to helping eliminate these cheaters, and helps free up regular gm staff for answering other issues.


i am very aware of the eul. but for some magical reason its always 2 pairs in one group of guardian druids. weeks on end. the code is poorly written. so very poorly written and beyond oblivious its disgusting. and yet weeks on end. it really cant be that hard to detect. if it is the team isnt very good.

You’re welcome to apply and get hired by Blizzard, and then you can implement you’re own way of dealing with it. And you’ll quickly understand why they do things the way they do.

They don’t just hammer individual accounts. Because the criminals who run these bots have thousands at their disposal. So they will just grab another and keep going. Instead, Blizzard investigates how their bot program operates, and finds a way to break it. Then they remove everything the bot account “gained”.

Don’t like it? Suggest a better way, or deal with it.

Because you don’t need to open a ticket for this issue. Right-click --> Report For: Cheating. Then move on.

That’s why you “get lost”. Because they don’t want you making tickets for this, so they don’t allow you to.


code detection. its allowed in the eul. (if i remember correctly)
and definitely not removing skinning capabilities

Yes, Blizzard does watch for botting software on player’s machines. But I think that you’re greatly underestimating the botting companies mission to constantly change up their coding to avoid detection.

Blizzard literally bans thousands of bots every month and yet, they just keep coming back.

Until players stop giving these criminals money, it will unfortunately continue despite their best efforts.


agreed. the code that the druids are using is bad. i mean basic stuff. easily detectable. its been happening the same way for all of shadowlands.

and yes a very simple way of really putting a hurt on them. put them in the players hands. flag them for pvp. get a few botting reports, quickly have a blizz employee observe them and if it deems necessary flag them. players would QUICKLY handle it.

You really don’t know this, unless you are using it too.

Observing is not how they judge things. You have less than zero knowledge how these things work, so just stop trying to sound smart.

Right-click Report anything you think is suspicious, then move on.


the bots used to be able to tell tagged mobs so they wouldnt engage. now you can train the heck out of the bots and just let them do the killing. ive been messing with bots since the vanilla days in deadwind pass. they would farm the orges for cloth. its not hard to notice a bot and if its good code or bad. ( btw id love training them and feign death to kill them.) and no i dont know how employees work but i do know as a player its pretty observable stuff.

Players would quickly exploit this. Someone undercut you on the AH…BOTTER! Someone got the loot you wanted…BOTTER!

I could go on all day.

What you seem to be missing is that these bots are typically on stolen accounts. So when action is taken, it has to be documented so that if/when a player goes to recover their account, it can be shown that it was compromised at the time too.


Don’t care what they did in the past. Blizzard is fighting them in the present, and unless you are running the botting program, you don’t know what’s in it. What you “see” has zero bearing on what’s actually happening. “Looking” at a character in the game world does not give any information.

Exactly, so stop criticizing how they do their job. We all want bot gone from the game, and we all want it done as fast as possible.

You don’t know anything. You can suspect something, and those suspicions can often be correct, but there is no certainty in what players “see” or “observe”. That’s why you use the right-click report feature, and let Blizzard handle.


That really isn’t necessary, and potentially quite exploitative. Don’t like someone, tell everyone to flag them at the worse possible time, and it could even be a tool for harassment, not game correcting.

Yes, a team of GM’s who monitor for such exploitative behavior will monitor those players, but it’s beyond just simply watching them play. It also involves pulling game logs and a true investigation that hopefully catches true exploiters, while allowing normal and legal game play.

It also goes much deeper, trying to discover what trends there are in software for exploiters, and programming a means to further detect it in the future. Legal can then search out sites that pass on such software and attempt to shut them down. We have seen over the years multiple sites that expound on exploitative services.

Again, you have a very limited view of what is going on here, but understand it’s a constant battle, not only for those players who want to enjoy safe and fair game play, but also for Blizzard who wants nothing more then to provide said service.


Someone posted a good description of why it’s handled the way it is.

And I wrote about how things “look” in another thread.


Going to go ahead and close this topic. There’s no real benefit to discussing it further here. If you encounter a character that you suspect may be botting or otherwise cheating then please use the provided in-game reporting tools:

A ticket is not necessary, nor will a Game Master be able to provide you with any specific details about our processes.

The fact remains, we take this issue very seriously and regularly take actions against accounts that we have identified breaking our rules. It is a constant and ongoing fight but one that our teams are dedicated to continue tackling.