Gold Seller Spam in in-game Mail

That is false.

This is also highly misinformed.

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Except you cannot right click and report the mail spam!!! Come on Blizzard, you can do better than that

Just ignore Kumasama, seems to be a paid Blizz poster.

Not even kidding

Hey, why won’t you post on your main, dude?

Like here:

Why are you hiding behind a level 66 alt all the time telling other people who they should or shouldn’t ignore, huh?

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Caring about which character somebody else posts on :rofl:

Hey, when you said this:

I took your advice. I literally went up a flight of stairs like you said there were and I trained and whatever and came back here to tell you that you’re still incorrect when you say this:

Because of this:

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So he is a paid Blizzard shill and he’s admitting it :rofl:

I noticed that, in previous threads, when people have argued with your Level 66 Alt, you sock-puppeted your main after someone spoke with you.

Like here:

Are you trying to give people the impression they’re talking to more than one person when it’s just you?

Stop derailing the thread. I have dozens of alts. I post on different ones. It means nothing.

We need to find a way to stop the mail spam!

This thread will tell you everything you need to know:

Also this:

And this:

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Wasting your own time looking through my old posts!

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That post is over a year old. They still have not solved the issue. You cannot right click and ignore an email.

If it has been happening this long, I doubt they are going to do anything about it.


This is how they’ve explained it.

If you haven’t realized yet, Kumasama is an obvious Blizzard employee.

All he/she/it does is post pro Blizzard propaganda and troll anybody who says anything negative about Blizz.

Wonder if it’s just a really well written bot, the replies do seem to follow a pattern

Okay, Vorban’s sock puppet :+1:

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Hey look, I can respond to your main’s sock puppet using your main!

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You keep replying with no new material :rofl:

These were two separate posts where you basically said the same thing and also used the same few emojis over and over again.

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Only 1768 posts!