Please crack down on bots

There are so many players abusing the game. From having 6 accounts follow each other around collecting mats to fishing with a macro to do it for them 20hours straight and break the market.
When you take into consideration the amount of time it takes to find and collect, these reports shouldn’t be taken lightly. These violators (not players) are killing the games economy, now converts to real world currency from. They are stealing from peoples money and hard time earned into game. Ban em! thanks

we have people macroing/botting for fishing too. people please fix YOUR community.


Just to you know, Multiboxing is not against the rules. Use of Keycloning software is. Right click and report then move on. All reports help.


resets counter

Greetings and welcome to Customer Support, not to be confused with Customer Service. There are no GMs, Devs or QAs here, and while our SFA Blues are pretty snazzy, your plea falls on deaf ears as they are only here to provide information and insight. They have absolutely nothing to do with in game matters. This forum is one for players to help other players.

In regards to bots, it is a never ending battle. There will always be bots so long as there are idiot players who use their services. That said, all you can do is right click on anyone you think is botting, and report them. That’s it! You report will go to the right people, and that is the ONLY way bots are handled - player reports through the interface. Not by coming here to this forum. Now, it will not be an instant action, they will research the situation to find out if they really are botting or are simply a multi-boxer farming. You may have your belief it’s a bot, but no one knows for certain save for that player/bot and Blizzard with their logs. Those logs are the only thing Blizzard will use to research the case.


still cheating. don’t know how this isn’t against the rules?

Multi-boxing is not supported but it also not cheating. Certain software for multi-boxing is bannable, but there are ways to multi-box within the confines of the rules.


You are grossly misinformed


still not balanced. To utilize a macro to click and do for you

May want to edit that out because that puts you in violation of the rules. Even masked language like that can get you in trouble.


No, actually it’s really not. There are absolutely ways to multibox within the confines of the rules.

Updated 4 days ago:

If you do see people breaking actual rules such as botting, then right-click and report them for cheating. If they’re using profanity, report for language.

“Griefing” isn’t against the rules either as it tends to only ever mean “someone doing something I don’t like”.


Yes, using macros that can’t be created using the in-game macro system is definitely against the rules. How you can tell when someone is doing that, beats me.

For someone who doesn’t like when others break the rules, it’s odd that you choose not to follow them by posting masked profanity here.


you might want to curb the language.


Apples to oranges.

Look. Language and offensive chatter is easy to see and can quickly be actioned against. Nothing to research when it’s black and white.

Botting? You don’t know that they’re botting. You may have your suspicions. They may ‘act’ like a bot. They still may be a player. Blizzard takes the time to make sure whether it’s a player or a bot. If it’s a bot? They want to find out how to break the bot. Whack-a-mole banning does nothing. Banning in waves is the best way they have to combat this craziness. You want an insta-ban for maybe-botters? Do you not see the dozen or so posts we have right now on this forum from legitimate players who are contesting suspensions and bans?

It does work. It just takes time.


Edited for more emphasis on “bots” vs. “bugs.” Same difference, though.

Blizzard fights the good fight against bots all day, every day. You would not like it at all if they actually ignored botting or even let up just a smidge on their war against it. The game is as “bot-free*” as it is, because they constantly battle the bots.

Just like in real life - we fight crime, but some crime will always exist, forever and ever. You can go to the mall without fear of being robbed or assaulted, though those crimes do exist in some places right in the city you live in.

*Yes, bot-free. There are like 250 servers, amounting to something over 10,000 total zones. Are there bots in 100 of them? Sure. But that also means there are like 9,900 zones game-wide that are bot-free. You gotta look at the whole picture, not just one pixel.


This reminds me of the time the 11 year old was reported for fishing in SoS just because he liked fishing and hadn’t moved for a few hours but had been casting away happily for his father. Luckily the GM was nice and understanding :blush:

Ive been playing wow since the early days of beta and to me this clearly sounds like botting, even though they are saying its mulitboxing. heres the reason why, it “should” be considered botting. for starters, a normal player playing on multiple accounts, generally would find it a bit difficult to move from one toon to the next. These “mulitboxers” or “botters” show robotic like movement. they act like preprogrammed toons that are acting like robots. now some will argue here that its perfectly legal because of what blizzard said but I think people are confusing something here in that statement " multiboxing or owning and playing on multiple accounts is not against tos"… this is true, but using " other software" is. which in turn, would have to happen in order for players to be multiboxing with a bunch of toons farming for resources.

finally, guys there is a simple fix to all of this. nerf druids… yes I am suggesting a nerf to a class because the most common class that these botters/multiboxers are using, is the druid class. they use starfall constantly and run around with mount speed in the maw ( other classes arent allowed to use mounts int he maw). so the suggestion to solve this problem, is a nerf towards druids, in the from of putting delays on star fall, and reducing mount speed when they change into an animal. if theres a problem with that then, there needs to be a nerf towards mob spawn rate, which would stop them from farming period and piss everyone off. now I know druids will cry foul because they would be getting nerfed but, seriously, what do you expect to happen when a class is being abused? you dont see an army of pallies farming because it would make no sense. so thats my suggestion, either ban all forms of botting ( which blizzard wont do) or nerf druids… ( which blizzard is more likely to do).

Then you will want to take your “suggestion” to General Discussion as the devs do not come here for player feedback or suggestions.

yeah, figured id come here cause there wasnt any feed back section. back in the day, you were able to send it via game but now its like they pushed it onto the forums and all you will see is it get flamed in some way.

You still can.

ESC > Support > Submit feedback or bug report > Submit a suggestion.


I did that, it brought me here.

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