BG complainers: just play in retail already

So you guys can hang out and enjoy the better version of AV, since that’s the only thing in Classic you think exists at the moment.

R14 is insane, and the loot is overtuned for all but 1% of the game (duels and the lighting strike odds of legit small scale pvp)

Classic content is fun and beatable with 5man gear. The stastical relevance of whatever you aim to improve will wane further as phases are released.

You are limiting your own enjoyment if you continue to invest time in a system that will:


Good luck.


Forums are for complaining.

And complaining about complaining.


And exposing the complaining about complaining.

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This thread will accomplish what it set out to do.

Threads arn’t complaining about av patch.
They are about:

  1. Que times (ally and horde complaints)
  2. Being able to que as raid (Horde Complaint)

W H A T?


Technically, this is just complaining about complaining.


Show me where

I could probably find 100 more but yeah, that’s enough.


“Classic WoW” is not a sandbox game, that will change based on player requests. It is a copy of a very old rule-set, that players requested.

If you do not like that rule-set, changing it IS NOT AN OPTION. This is not a 2020 game.

Sure it is, hence bwl coming out in <6 months of classic being out

Why are peoply queuing nonstop for BGs?

Either they are obsessed with honor (ok, whatev) or must love BGs.

If people want better queue times, retail is the solution.

Obviously, they are stubborn, and not playing for the joy of BGs, but because they are frothy on honor.

They then complain that Blizzard should cater to their obsession with honor.

I complain about these complaints because its getting old, and…tacos

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I’m convinced a lot of people here, the same people who advocated so hard for changes before launch are just trolling because they don’t like other people to have nice things.

Even after Blizzard said no changes, even after the game is already launched now with no changes they are still doing it because they are bored of retail or something, I don’t know lol

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Well this thread just got better.

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Anyone who suggests doing retail bgs for pvp clearly hasn’t played retail in a while…

The queu times are as bad for horde on retail, because Faction Xfers just encouraged every single actual pvper to faction stack. With an added bonus of alliance losing 80%+ of bgs unless they get a premade of Horde Mercs to carry them.

Furthermore, when you do finally get a game, 3/4 of your group will be infested with Azralon/Ragnaros non english speaking trash and basically no one does any objectives in any games because they’re all timered to end regardless.

You get to deal with all of this on top of every single patch tier making the entirety of your gear obsolete again and having the same exact things over and over hoping to re-acquire the same gear you already had with an updated ilvl, and the fact that the game is so simplified and homogenized that the classes themselves, and the combat they engage in is boring.

The current Classic Queus are an unfortunate problem (and where entirely preventable), but the underlying game is -MASSIVELY- superior to the current retail trash design wise.

“You can’t fool me, young man! It’s complainers all the way down!”

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Imagine retail shilling 4 months into classic. No one is coming to retail bro, if people quit classic they will default to a different game. Retail is no one playing classic’s back up choice. lel

Every single comment Ive made on this character, but one, has been since day one of classic, while playing classic for 95% of that time until recently fyi

i 100% agree even tho retail wow is really bad the bgs are 100% better then classic wow.