Classic AV is garbage!

I hate to keep bringing things up however somethings need to be said multiple times. When we decided to come back for classic wow most of us were expecting classic wow. Not revamped retail. We were expecting classic Altera Valley which would be Patch 1.5, not 1.10 and beyond! I’m certain that most people especially previous vanilla players were looking forward to altar at Valley strategy! Not let’s Zerg Drekk, and Van! I was expecting landmines, even some of Patch 1.5 would have been nice. I was expecting unnerfed AV and got this garbage. If we wanted to play retail we would play retail! Secondly, the curing process is ridiculous. Vastly unbalanced. 30 minute long cues for the horde! 30 minutes? Let that sink in. If things do not change soon I will be once again canceling my membership and I’m sure many others will follow. Perhaps blizzard should attempt, or begin to listen to their fans instead of their marketing team. Especially since wow classic is the best resurgence of accounts because clearly you guys cannot make proper decisions!


You wanted to zug zug and look what it got you. Zug zugging to yourself for 30+ mins…delicious


Reminder that you literally took a month away from the game because you could not handle p2 on a balanced realm.


I don’t know anybody who was expecting that. Certainly, there were some people who wanted that, and made it known well before Classic launch, when it was originally announced.

Personally though, I don’t really care. AV in whatever version its in, is what it is. If it’s the main reason to play or unsub from WoW, then that’s an interesting perspective. I wonder how many others might share it or how many people simply made the decision to not come back for Classic when the news was announced.

We definitely saw this coming, and there was time to reroll prior to BGs being released for those who actually prefer faster queue times, which definitely isn’t everybody!


30 min queues, Alliance have to premade cheat to win, and its a watered down crap version of AV. Utter failure. I’m loggin on to do my raid weekly and am back to playing other games in my free time. I had played Classic exclusively since it was launched but taking a step back now. I’m sad about it!


Reroll what?

Horde understand how queueing works right? There are TOO MANY Horde queueing. On top of the imbalance problem, there are TOO MANY 30-40 minute turtles that extend that queue time even further. It’s not hard to understand.


Alliance. If your preference for BG queues is instant, such that it would determine whether you subscribe to and play the game or not, then Alliance is your faction.

A lot of people who are ranking, actually prefer Horde for a variety of reasons, and having a queue time where they could maybe run to the store or have a shower could be quite a benefit.

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no, there are almost no horde queuing! You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about!

Oh, my.

I have no response to this.


You shouldn’t, last week you couldn’t see the battle masters. Now they are wide open. The cave had a thousand people In it now your lucky if there’s 50 on my server and I play on a full server.

What i dont understand is how I cant queue with my friends in av. Meanwhile I queue into premades in WSG and AV all day anyways. Such an outdated and trash queue system.


Horde has to defend becasue the map favors alliance zerg strategy. Horde cannot outrace alliance and get the guaranteed honor from killing LT’s and Balinda. Also, with 30 minute queues, horde has to make the most of honorable kills while in the BG, winning or losing. The meta isn’t going to change because you have about a 50% chance to queue into a premade. If it’s not a premade, you can get 6-10k honor in the match easily.


Once I hit exalted I never bothered going back. Its a boring joke. Alliance zerg rush majority of the time and always win.


It doesn’t have to be.

go play retail then.

Who are you responding to? Did you read the post? I’ll never play retail. The point is you’re current AV is the retail AV not vanilla.

then go back to private servers.


The patch version isn’t the “problem” with AV, it’s cross server battlegrounds.

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The biggest issue is that most of the time Horde will keep defending areas to keep Alliance bottled up even when they have taken towers and are obviously going to win.

This leads to 4500+ honor for them and 300-500 honor for Alliance. At some point Alliance pugs stop queuing since we get nothing out of it. The rest move to premades in an attempt to get some honor/Rep.

My suggestions: Let them kill a few Lts and cap a tower or two at the end so Alliance pugs will get something out of it and keep queuing.

Or my gut feeling is queues will grow to 1 hour plus with only the best premades to face left.