[A][US][Dalaran] <Sword of Azeroth> 5/10H Fri/Sat 5pm EST casual raiding guild LFM

[A] - Sword of Azeroth - Dalaran [5/10H-CN] 2 Day casual raiding guild is now recruiting players.

US - Dalaran/Alliance

About Us:

Sword of Azeroth was established in January 2007 (on Undermine) with the idea that the game should be an enjoyable, drama free escape from real life.

We are a society of friends, old and new, who enjoy banter in good fun but have zero tolerance for drama.

We expect our members to treat everyone with respect not only within the guild environment but within the game.

We are guild focused on setting an example that raiding can be fun and enjoyable while successfully progressing through endgame content.

We encourage and help one another to reach our goals and expect this of all our members.

4 hr/wk Raid Schedule:

Friday: 5:00PM-7:00PM EST
Saturday: 5:00PM-7:00PM EST

Always looking for likeminded players, new or old, who might thrive in a more casual environment with players who are happy to help.

All that we ask is that you are open to being part of our community and participating in the guild rather than just housing another unplayed alt.

If you’re interested or just have questions send me, Graymonkey/Demongray, a whisper or any officer of the guild. Feel free to add me on Bnet Greymonkey#1670.

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3/9/21 We’re looking for:

  • Current focus on healers to add more flexibility to raids and for running Mythic+.

  • Strong DPS always welcome.

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3/16/21 We’re looking for:

  • Need 2 healers for our raids and for optionally running Mythic+.

  • Strong DPS always welcome.

This is a super cool group! Please check them out!

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