Auction house changes, yay or nah?

Absolute and emphatic nah.

Playing the AH is as real a subset of the game as pvp, raiding, or pet battling. Cutting that part of the game out at the knees isn’t acceptable. It’s ESPECIALLY egregious when it happens while people are desperately trying to get the Brutosaurus mount which Blizzard is arbitrarily removing in a few months.


Thumbs down to the changes from me. I can agree there are some issues that need to be worked out regarding the AH, but I really don’t believe this is the answer. I think it’s going to deter more people who post enough to hit the throttle (like scribes and people crafting old world tmogs), but it’s not going to deter people who can cancel and repost all day long - people who are determined enough will just work around it.


I like it, but I’m also one of the people that don’t like people playing the ah.
I think this is a pro-customer move.
Next thing is they should make the ah cuts higher to reduce flipping.


I speak as a player who does not use an Auction House addon and whose gameplay for the next several months will be entirely focused on raising gold to buy the Brutosaur.

Players who use Auction House addons do not have an unfair economic advantage over those players that have chosen to not use addons. The addons are freely available to all players.

Players that don’t use addons have chosen how they wish to experience World of Warcraft.

Deadly Boss Mods is an invaluable too for people who enjoy raiding. The great majority (100%?) of guild raid teams require their members to have it installed and kept up to date. It provides an enormous advantage to the raiders that use it over raiders that don’t. Will it be addressed as well?

Yes that player that posts fifty Blue Linen Shirts for 5g each is irritating when I’m posting one Blue Linen Shirt for 100g. However it is not the quantity that they post which I find irritating, it’s the low price. (Seriously! Raise the price up to at least 50g my good competitor!).

Do I feel like they have an unfair advantage because they’re using an addon? No.

Do you know who I feel has an unfair economic advantage over the entire player base? Blizzard.

When BFA launched and introduced the Brutosaur, you knew it would be removed with pre-expansion and didn’t tell us. When you did tell us, you gave us LESS THAN ONE YEAR to earn FIVE MILLION GOLD.

Now players finished their BFA content, got their AotC, gotten bored with the game, and unsubscribing. The gold value of the Blizz Token dropped by 45%. Now its slowly climbing again.

I can only surmise this change is to force those who want the Brutosaur at this late stage in the game to buy tokens for real money and sell on the AH for gold to pay for their Brutosaur.

According to the Brutosaur Calculator, assuming the Brutosaur is removed on Oct 1st, I need to earn 16000g per DAY. 94000g per WEEK. All while working my part time job, cooking food, maintaining my home cleanliness, and getting sufficient physical excersize.

At my current rate I will probably have to buy tokens to cover my deficit.

The Brutosaur leaving is what really needs fixing.


This hotfix screws over people who just want to use the auction house as intended. I have always had a large inventory of varied things on the ah. When you play the actual game you would be amazed at how varied your bags become. Up till now I simply scan and dump stuff in maybe twice a day. I dont make bank with it but i do make enough to buy some nicer stuff every once in a while. Now i go to dump my bags and i suddenly get fd over. Why the post limit is not set to the size of the 4 full bags that you get after questing for a few hours is beyond me. Heaven forbid I try to get rid of stuff that has been sitting in my guild bank a while.


LIFO is how it was before though. That’s the purpose of 1c undercutting from before.
1s isn’t substantial enough a unit to deter LIFO behavior if they changed it, and I’m not sure cutting out silver as an AH currency unit would be overall healthy.

I don’t think they should break cancellations, but I do agree that they should absolutely throttle them if traffic is the issue. Cancel scans translate into more posts as well, so the effect of cancel scans is probably the biggest culprit for problems across the board.


So basically what you’re saying is “I don’t like people playing the game the way they have fun”

Ok, I’ll bite. I think they should remove pvp and M+


You will still be able to use the ah, but playing it as a better way than farming stuff yourself should never be that strong.


Either way, locking a thread because people were complaining too much about your unannounced, fundamental change to the game is a poor decision.


Before you just picked whatever, now you HAVE to buy the last in.

Until it changes people will just cancel when someone else posts.


Personally I think AH Goblins have brought zero value to the game, so anything that irks them is fine with me.


It was in the bug report section, mainly the reason.

Most people don’t play it that way, it’s a limited few.

My wife goes out, farms everything herself, transmog, old glyphs, old mats, boe mounts, etc. and the way they have it set up right now strongly negatively impacts her.


The limited few ruins the market for all customers. You don’t need much people to do it when your actions were not limited. And people can easily sell stuff without addons right now, you just can’t easily repost/flip stuff.

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Copying over my reply from the closed thread:

Wow, so much misdirected hate here. I’ll try to keep this civil:

First off, I know some people dislike multiboxers, to the point of wanting them dead. I guess those people also like buying cheap crafted goods, which would be impossible without the level of supply multiboxers provide, so there’s a thought. I’ve been goldmaking since 8.3 started, and the only time herb prices went down (and consequentially, flask/pot prices) was when people stopped raiding a couple of months after raid release. In all that time, multiboxers were farming and supplying much needed herbs to satisfy that alchemy demand. The only reason why “multiboxing is driving prices down” now is because there is no demand (compared to a few months ago).

Second, I shudder to think that a couple people (there are ~1.2k people online in r/woweconomy right now. We don’t have total subscription numbers but we can guess they are not even the 10% of total players) can make the game laggy for everyone because they are doing a cancel scan. We are talking about a game that lets you fly from one end to the other of Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms, without a single loading screen. How come a few players with an addon can bring the server to its knees then? If we believe the AH is a separate subsystem, then there is no reason to even say that “AH botters are lagging me out in my raid instance”. If it’s not… boy does Blizzard have bigger problems.

So, even if undertuned hardware/software is suffering due to some people using an addon that provides functionality not provided by the main game client (but where the necessary data is there to provide said functionality), the solution is to fix the hardware/software. If you can’t handle too many API calls, work with your developers (who are as important as your gamers) to design bulk API calls. I don’t actually need 100*whoknowshowmany API calls to cancel 100 items. It could be done in 2, maybe 3 bulk API calls. Same for posting. It’s not very hard to do.

And if you really want to get rid of cancel-scanners (which is a “problem” that was caused by the very redesign of the new AH, favoring LIFO), simply change the system to have buy orders and be buy-oriented instead of sale-oriented. Most of the “problems” people report would go away.



The limit just needs to be higher is all. So you catch those limited few and not the people posting 80 transmog auctions.


IT would take 4 minutes to post 80 tmogs, it’s totally fine if you don’t repost and let them last for a day or 2.

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No, this is a horrible mistake on Blizzard’s part. If they are looking for AH stability, there are much better ways to combat that than this. This is going to have dramatic in-game economic consequences and most likely will cause a loss in subs. Blizzard, is it worth it to lose subs over this?


It won’t cause a lose in subs significative and you can’t prove it, if anything the market will be better for most subs.


if you want them to sell you can’t leave them up for two days, people undercut that crap all the time.

She usually does 2 cancel scans a day, 1 in the morning and one before bed.

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