Ash'adar mount

Already added my piece to the Bug report forum, but figured I’d drop a line here too, maybe you can offer some choice words of guidance.

Completed the Traveler’s Journal for the month, it says “You’ve collected all the rewards for this month” yet I only received 300 tender in the chest, and zero mount rewards. Feels so good doing things properly and being denied rewards by a feature that should’ve been better tested before wide release.

How long should I wait before submitting a ticket?


A ticket likely ton’t help until the underlying cause is fixed.


Idk but seeing as the maint we went through this past week was because EU was having issues with the Trading Post,and doesn’t look like it got fixed for all this to keep happening like this.

Kinda thinking they should shut it down entirely until its working right.

You can certainly use the in-game suggestion feature if you feel that’s something that they should do. Alternatively, you can also post in the General forums so that your suggestion can be passed along.


Why? It’s not game-breaking. It’s not affecting server stability. It is working for a lot of players. The issue comes and goes on characters.


The did shut it down this week earlier for it

The game? Seems to be a bit extreme given the game is for the most part working fine. The blue posts I have seen states you won’t lose progress, and it should all show once it’s fixed.


I didn’t say that.
They shut down the TP earlier in the week so we were told that the EU had issues with it. I was reffering to the TP not the game


So was I

If you don’t lose progress, and it gets fixed, why take it down?


But that’s the thing, people I know having the issue are saying that their progress isn’t even showing at this moment

Display issue.


As noted, we do not believe progress is being lost, only the display of that progress.


My display is fine, when go to report them come up “invalid” unless something changed on it in the last year

Report what? We’re referring to the Traveler’s Log and receiving the mount. I think you are confusing this post with the other one about calendar invites.


I found that opening the NPC and viewing the items brings the progress back.

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I’ll pass that along to my friend see if works for him :slight_smile:

just completed the monthly log and got no mount.

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You’re lucky…I completed the Traveler’s Journal and all it gave me was 100 tender. No mount or the other 400 tender nope…just as little as possible they could give me. I’ve already sent in a bug report ticket. Hopefully when they fix this what I’m owed will be mailed to me…otherwise I’m willing to quit entirely as this feels like a middle finger to me


It better not be lost! I just finished doing everything to get the mount, only to not receive it! Sure I got the tender, but woop-dee-doo. It’s the mount I was/am after.

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