[A/RP] Weekly RP Gatherings, Thurs 8 PM Server (EST) Time (Archived)

After long consideration and many years waiting for a merge, we’ve transferred to a more populated server. It’s been a great 13 years. We love and will miss you, Earthen Ring. Thread is archived.

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[A/RP] Weekly RP Gatherings, Thurs 8 PM Server (EST) Time (Archived)

Hey, all.

TL;DR There’s been a weekly Thursday night at 8 PM Server (EST) Time gathering for roleplay on Allianceside for a while, some may be familiar with it on these forums as Smiling Jim Pub Nights. One, I thought I’d get an updated forum thread back up and two, it’s back from a brief late-BfA expansion hiatus.

Up till Shadowlands hits, take up an ale and ICly catch up with comrades in this brief period of quiet before the storm. We’ll keep these going till Shadowlands drops and the world goes to literal hell, and maybe add some storyline flavor now and then depending on participating player mood.

I’ll update weekly on the theme should it change and give this thread a bump now and then. See you in game!

The Fire Pit Walk-Up RP | Friday, August 7, 2020 12:00 AM | Uptown, Boralus

Location of “The Fire Pit” on the map:

Old Thread:
[A/RP] Recurring Event: Smiling Jim Pub Night

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Bump for a great group of people to spend a Thursday night with!

can i come

Sure, no guarantee the NPC guards aren’t going to hound you or Darnasssian and Gilnean refugees aren’t going to freak. I may even axehug you a little in greeting. Burn down a tree and it’ll really be a barnyard bash.

the guards are puny and weak, i’ll be fine

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what time is it again, i’m not very good at time.

8 PM server time! We’ll be back next week. :grinning:

The location has been wandering back towards The Fire PIt area in Uptown, Boralus lately. We’re tempted to make it our permanent spot because it has such a great atmosphere. I’ll update the OP if/when that happens!

Thanks for the RP, loved also hanging with Argent Dawn neighbors this week. :purple_heart: Catch you guys again soon.

oh jeez, i don’t know places in boralus very well. is there any coordinates that i can have?

Sure! It’s an unofficial name, it’s a little section in Boralus Uptown that has a nice fire circle. Here’s a map:


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ok cool, nobody attacks me here so its safe for me

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/bump, tonight at the Fire Pit in Boralus Uptown, folks. See OP for image of where, since that’s the name RPers dubbed it and it’s not a labeled point on the map. Come for casual walk-up style RP – last week, we had Argent Dawn neighbors show up for RP. Hope to see them again. :purple_heart:

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so uh, fire pit still?

There was an in-game wedding going on tonight. Not sure if anyone made their way over to the fire pit afterwards or shifted somewhere more festive for libations.

Huh, Well I hope everybody had a good time.

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Doh, we should have had some mention or redirection. But yeah, in game wedding event… but was never completed due to… a tweest! dun dun dunnnn

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Sorry for the confusion and lack of updates, was out in the wilderness for some much-needed offline time this week. I’ll try and plan more ahead of time and make sure folks know what’s up!

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Okay, being that it’s patch week and several faction leaders were yeeted, RP night will not be a casual walk-up because that’s awkward. Still working out details, but in the spirit of keeping this thread updated, there will not be a gathering at the Boralus Fire Pit tonight!

EDIT: nvm! After discussion/consensus in Discord, it seems that technically, the recent events haven’t happened yet, because the invasion and pre-patch quests aren’t in. We’re basically stuck in a bit of an awkward transition period for RP. So we’re going to wait to RP the pre-patch until the pre-patch quests/invasions officially start that stuff. So walk-up casual RP is on for tonight at the Fire Pit in Boralus!

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Basically timey wimey wibbly wobbley things are happening because patches.

Come to the fire pit to show us your new face/hair/scars!

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There’s a discord? I often suck at checking forums. is it possible i can join it?

Fire pit day! Yay!
As for the discord, mostly was discussion on Templar’s Discord. Allies are definitely allowed to apply, even if they are Red!

Believe a link to the discord is on our website. From the recruitment page