[A/RP] Recurring Event: Smiling Jim Pub Night

Date: Bi-weekly Thursdays (every-other week)
Time: 8 p.m. EST (server time)

He’ll bring you mead
He’ll bring you beer
A grinning face from ear to ear
He’s served us all from year to year
We call him Smiling Jim.

Smiling Jim was an NPC in Theramore whose tavern on the outskirts of Dustwallow Marsh was razed by the Grimtotem. Whether he survived the bombing of Theramore is unknown, but in his memory and the memory of others lost to wars, Alliance heroes gather bi-weekly to raise a glass to fellow heroes and rest from the day’s troubles.

Here is the schedule for Smiling Jim Pub Night for the next month:
December 20
January 3
January 17
January 31


/bump! It’s January 3rd and pub night has once again returned. See you again at the Hop, Line, and Sinker in Boralus!

Whats crazy is that I do this also on Deviate Delight

:exclamation: This thread is super dated (2+ years old) and this event is no longer occurring! :exclamation:

Whoop, this old thing got bumped up somehow. Yipe.

This is Arialynn the OP, posting on an alt. The ER version of the character that maintained this thread no longer exists so I can’t edit the OP or title. But I wanted to note that this was the more recent thread:

Dunno why this one got bumped up other than the jingly tune (let’s hear it for Smiling Jim)…

And I also archived the other thread back in March because after long consideration and the BlizzConline’s non-answer about server merges, we made the mass effort to transfer our 13-year-old guild to a more populated realm.

We love you, Earthen Ring. Thanks for the memories and take care.

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