Arena is Deflated

With a month left in the season, the last person to be above 2400 currently on the ladder is rank 950. Season 1 of BfA there was 3600 people above 2400 when the season ended. Will try to add SL Season 1, but statistics page isn’t loading correctly at the moment.

Shuffle has taken away from the other brackets because how easy it is to just queue up, but nothing has been done to compensate for the loss of activity in regular 2s and 3s. Fighting rank 1s at 2k mmr is frustrating. A lot of people have been vocal outside of the forums about this issue as well, nothing has seem to be done besides the 20 mmr a week.

Is anything being done about this before the season ends?


The team has continued to watch this topic throughout Season 1. An additional bump in the weekly inflation rate was done recently and we continue to monitor the impact of this.

For Season 2, additional changes are being investigated to reduce the disparity in general ratings between Solo Shuffle and the other brackets.


It’s season 2 and the game feels arguably worse than it did in season 1.

This expansion shouldn’t be treated the same as previous ones. We have solo shuffle taking activity away from rated 2s and 3s. The approach shouldn’t be to gimp shuffle like you did, but buff the other brackets. Making shuffle less appealing doesn’t help PvP, it just hurts it. Not sure making shuffle more unappealing to move people towards rated 2s and 3s is the correct move since it doesn’t address the issues we had in season 1.

As it stands, people are finding no reason to play until the artificial inflation at week 8(?) kicks in for their 20 mmr boost. Even then, people will wait longer because the ladder just isn’t moving.