Blue Post about Inflation

Not going to lie, this is pretty disappointing. Unless the new weekly bump is 50-100 pts, it won’t do much.


Continued to watch throughout season 1 and they don’t do anything till it’s too late.


It’d need to be like actually 200 pts per week with only 4 weeks left, lmao. r1 is 2600 right now. They so unbelievably screwed the pooch on ratings this season. It’s comically bad.

“yeah we observed it and have decided ret is fine, moving on to 10.1”


What &%(&^ you response from Blizzard. Next time just straight up say “better luck next season nerds.”


sorry for the 85% of the specs that didn’t get their season goals before the ret/fw buffs, better luck next season!

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if I don’t reach 1800 in S1, I will leave the game.

that is a LOT

they need to nerf ret before they pump mmr

They would’ve been better off not saying anything this made me feel infinitely worse

Why is it disappointing? Maybe they bump 2s/3s more than they injure RSS.

I started 70 pvp last week, I’ve done like 8 Shuffles and I’m over 1800 with about a 70% winrate. I’ve done 12 3v3s with yolo players (just like a shuffle), and with a 75% win rate I’m only 862.

How does this make sense?

The Devs should just have the balls to admit that they’ve given up on the season. AWC this weekend is going to be embarrassing.

8 shuffles is like 50 games
12 3v3s is like 12 games

tank players are so dumb dude

Fixed it for you

I’ve done 45 games in 2s with a 60% winrate, and I’m 1574. Still under 300 rating from the 48 rounds of shuffle.

Additionally, shuffle feels like it plays faster than 3s. Especially when you can 2v3 an end of Arena.