RBG Ladder Deflated atm

In shadowlands season 2 and 3 i was able to get 1800 with a team that is worse than my current team. And there is no way there were more players playing then vs now.

Blizz has knobs to affect the rating distribution, and they have turned the knobs way too low.

The thing they can tune is something called a K factor in elo based systems. And the values they chose for this season are too low.

Ilvl requirement, and MMR. Lower levels will have more trolls, but once you hit 1800 everyone is going to put full effort it, unlike reg BG’s.
And using the premade finder for RBG is laborious. Trying to find a group that is of equivalent skill level and has an opening for your class requires sifting through the list for too long. Then you’re stuck waiting for a tank. Even worse if you don’t want to use voice.

I can’t imagine a solo queue being practical.

First you put minimum limits on rating and mmr.
Then you want to make sure you have certain specs/classes.

Regular BG’s don’t have these restrictions and sometimes the queue times can be upwards for 10 minutes. A rated solo queue would an hour minimum.

Add to this the dilemma of: How do I acquire a minimum rating if I can’t queue into a rated BG. LFG? YoLo? That defeats the purpose of a solo queue.

Another reason I don’t do rated PvP. “The lemon isn’t worth the squeeze.”

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Yea it definitely wouldn’t be perfect but it would be implemented with the expectation that a massive amount of people would now be playing RBG’s that did not before.

There wouldn’t be any minimum rating. You solo queue vs other people also under 1k rating to climb.

Regular BG queues are usually only long for one faction, the other side is waiting 2-3 mins. RBG’s don’t have that issue.

I would say the 1/3/6 comp is only necessary because if you’re 1/2/7 or have no tank youre going to get destroyed vs a 1/3/6 team. If queues end up being terrible, just allow 1/2/7 to face each other, or teams with no tank to face each other.

Rated PvP is definitely not worth it right now, especially with artificial caps on rating for the first half of the season. Solo RBG’s would hopefully fix accessibility and revive a largely dead game mode. Just need to make it 4 ilvl’s lower than organized RBG’s, and people current playing organized RBG’s will continue to play, and will also play solo to fill in the downtime.

Then don’t get a tank.
You suffer for 2 maps and you don’t totally lose the chance at winning it.
If you get WSG and TP and you don’t have a tank, practice your rotation, looking at your map or counting where people are in your head.
There’s loads you can be doing in a loss to improve.
Improvement requires investment.

Even if you’re given what you want on a silver platter, you’re going to run into teams better than you and complain about rising in MMR…

Immovable discussion by people who don’t want to invest in getting better.

Well, I am 100% sure.

So, to warrant getting a good comp you want to over estimate 1600 players?

Awareness and objective is not the first thing you should be focusing on improving.

Of course there is…

WOTLK Classic and Solo Shuffle were not dividing factors in shadowlands season 2 & 3.

This is really heavy copium.

You’re 339 rating off of your highest ever in the first 3 weeks of the entire season.
What are you even saying?
Use your brain man.

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Okay heres another example. Shadowlands season 1 was flooded with players because pvers were gearing up through pvp. The participation was massive, but the rating was deflated.

Blizzard then tunned the knobs to avoid the same issue in Shadowlands season 2, but overshot the mark and it was massively inflated. Thats when i got duelist in 2v2 with a friend despite never queuing arena.

S1 had massive participation and was deflated, S2 had less participation (pvp gear ilvl was nerfed in pve) and was massively inflated.

Blizz said they were going to make changes to mmr in DF season 2

Rating distribution is not wholey dependent on participation, blizzard has knobs they can tune to adjust the bracket.

So I give you an example and you just automatically assume you know every little thing about me? Tell you what hotshot. Grab a few under geared keyboard turners and lets find a time for you guys to go up against a RBG team. It’ll be good practice for your rotation or whatever.

You are being incredibly disingenuous in your belief that a good comp doesn’t drastically increase your chances of winning. We aren’t the bad news bears waiting for Walter Matthau to come and save us from a losing season.

If I have a tank and you don’t, then my team needs to play really, really poorly and your team needs to play really, really well. The team without the comp has 0 room for error during the BG.

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No it wasnt.

Teams were hitting 3200 MMR in the first week.

Here’s just part proof https://i.imgur.com/ZjHcZe0.png

Blizzard had changed MMR inflation from every game to weekly.

You gained MMR after every weekly reset for each respective bracket you play.

Meaning you earn more personal MMR every week and get rewarded for playing every week as oppossed to getting 2800 in 1-2 weeks and sitting that character until the end of the season.

Huh? What’s this got to do with you being 339 rating off your personal best in 3 weeks?

Rating distribution is calculated by CR vs Personal MMR and the enemy team MMR.

I gave you solutions and your response is to complain even more.
There’s no assumptions here.

Are you that irrational to undervalue this?

No games played and only clears normal raid. You’d probably benefit a lot.

But yes, it’s the systems fault that you’re unable to play and/or improve.
Blizzard are out to get you and you’ve been caught.

Who cares about winning when your problem is just trying to get into a game to just play?

You’re ignoring even trying to load into a game before winning.

Get your games played up. Improve over time. Start winning.
You don’t go to the gym for the first time and expect to be seeing results in your first session.

If you’ve ever played sports on any level you’d know that you go to weekly practice thinking about winning, you go to practice to train and improve.

Then practice to become better and then play better.
Network and grow with a group of friends or like-minded individuals.
You’re forming up with a loser mentality based on whether you get a comp you like.

Spend your time whinging on the forums or go out there and try to build skill.

Somebody who only clears Normal ASC with 0 rated games played has a lot to improve on.
Unless I’m assuming incorrectly and you’re God’s gift being stopped by LFG.


Mostly meta issues. Only one tank is FC viable, only 2-3 healer specs can get group invites, a handful of DPS specs ‘are the best.’ Did a pug for vault two weeks ago, my buddy with Glad XP apped on a Destro Lock and the RL declined him to invite a 4th Boomkin, for example. So most people don’t bother because no one has 2 hours to spend trying to play a single RBG.

And then if you actually PUG all season, get fairly good rating and start getting into groups that are consistently playing above 2k MMR almost every Discord you join is full of human garbage. People ego/raging every game, constant racial slur usage, really grotesque images, etc. being shared openly in the Discord, etc. So then you stop bothering because you don’t want to associate with people like that.

Classic/solo shuffle has also been devastating for retail PVP.

This really depends on the caliber of player on each team. I’m in a Discord of about 40 people. About one night every 1-2 months we’ll randomly have 7-10 people online who are bored enough to agree to do some RBGs. Basically all of them are hero (from years ago)/glad XP who just play arena now. We almost never have a tank, comp is awful (people hop on alts, etc. every other game), etc. We’ll just crush people in team fights so hard that we win by one of the DPS grabbing a flag and running it or whatever. (WSG, Gilneas, Silver Shard, Twin Peaks, and Temple being easier to do it on than DWG obviously)

We’ll do that 5-8 games, end up queuing around 2200-2400 MMR, start queuing into good players who have a real comp/are good at rotating, etc., lose a game and call it a night.

There’s a saying, ‘bring the player, not the class.’ You can go really far with that.


“improve” isn’t a solution. You don’t know my skill level and you are making an assumption about a comment that I made. I’m not complaining, I’m just pointing out that comp matters. I do fine. When I pug I have a bad time. If you have a problem with others in this thread complaining then that’s fine, but don’t project your arguments onto me.

Well yeah, I’m not going to progress without my guild, that would just feel weird.

Again, you’re projecting someone else’s argument on me. Pugging sucks, comp matters.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here, but I’m willing to bet the people who queue rated.

I did start winning. I started getting teams with the proper comps and classes that perform well in certain roles, like base sitting, FC capabilities, and cleave.

Terrible analogy. You don’t go to practice to improve your individual skill, you go to practice to perform well with your team. Everyone has a role to play. You saying that Comp doesn’t matter, is like saying “I’ve got 9 great players on the field. I don’t have a pitcher, catcher, or second baseman… but each of my players is skilled”

Comp matters more in real sports than in this game.

Oh look, more assumptions.

And more assumptions.

Let’s talk about assumptions real quick again. You’re posting on a level 50 alt. I’m assuming that you have a character at max level. I’m also assuming that this character that you have at max level does rated battlegrounds. I could just say “Lol you’re level 50 what do you know” but that would make me look like a fool. Maybe, just maybe, and this is crazy right? We could assume that everyone here has a stable of alts that they are always doing multiple forms of content within WoW with?

Right, and as I said in the portion that you quoted, in order for you to succeed with a randomly thrown-together group… The team with the comp needs to perform poorly in order for the team without the comp to win. Individual skill is only going to get you so far. Team composition matters. That’s literally all i’m trying to say. I’ll say it one more time…


Doing a bunch of Yolo groups are also going to get you so far, even if you consider those practice, you’re not getting the practice you need.

You need to practice peeling/healing/running with a tank. You need to practice supporting nodes that have a proper base sitter. You need to practice with the right classes in the right roles.

I should have specified the data showing deflation was for 3v3. You can watch the video i added to the original post. Starting at 8:23.

By rating distribution, I mean the underlying distribution showing the CR of all players. Its normally distributed and the location of the center of that curve is determined by participation AND blizzard tuning. Ultimately blizzard can force the center of the rating distribution to be wherever they want it to be regardless of participation.

My point is a blizzard CM stated a change to MMR was happening and you can look at all of the leaderbords and see it has happened.

You can play but you will hit a CR where you stop climbing at a much lower CR compared to last season.

Even if i massively improved, i would still be below my rating from last season. If i have to play extremly sweaty to even reach 1800, why even bother?

I can just wait for them to adjust inflation and push then. My skill would be the same, but my CR would better represent where i should be.

I did notice this last time I did rbgs. People were using the N word very relgiously.

I don’t even think it’s really like people who are actually racist, as much as it’s just edgy, ‘haha I can get away with saying this consequence free and it might offend someone’ behavior. Either way, yeah between having to actually link XP, and join random Discords to potentially get annoyed with the stuff people say I just don’t bother outside of joining no voice yolos.

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Yeahhhh, and I just don’t fly with it. Call someone a tard or something doesn’t bother me. but there’s lines lol

People have been running guardian and vengence DH. And actually DH is much better than a guardian druid with a cordinated team since they can kite even with high stacks. Guardian just has too take it and hope they have enough cds to survive

It’s the cowardice of using it secretly over the internet that bothers me, more than the actual word. I feel the same levels of cringe when it’s little Tommy Smithersfield whose parents are CPAs and his grandma always knits him a new sweater for family Christmas every year who gets online, makes sure his trap rap is turned up high enough where you can always hear it so everyone knows he’s gangster, and he mentions some form of substance he’s on in every sentence and finishes it with the ‘rap acceptable’ form of the N word while doing his best to alter his voice to mimic whatever vernacular he heard in the most recent gang epidemic movie he’s watched. lol

Oh, well at least there’s that much changed now. I haven’t really kept up with the meta much.

You can definitely argue, and be right, that comp matters more at higher ratings because the players are all doing their jobs and player skill isn’t as much an issue but to say that comps don’t matter at lower rating, is somewhat daft IMHO.

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This comment and the paragraph above is a complaint.

I gave you some solutions but you’re too self-righteous to even try the solutions I provided.

What does this response mean? Are you impyling that you have no skills to refine, nothing new to learn or nothing to improve on, again?

This is quite literally in direct response to your comments man, are you even following this discussion or just trolling?

I’ll be a bit more blunt.

Why does comp matter when you’re bad anyways?

inb4 im not bad i just dont have to opportunity.
When you’re bad and you get about comp you’re gating yourself a lot of opportunities to network and load into the game as I’ve already mentioned.

You caring about comp and thinking comp matters to win isn’t an assumption. You’ve literally just spent half your posts explaining it to me?

This is some room temp IQ gaslighting.

You’ve either made your check-pvp private or it just doesn’t show up for some bizzare reason.

You also did reference the LFG tool and then ‘rolled your eyes’ at the end.
This isn’t an assumption it’s just not rocket science to put 2 and 2 together.

No, it doesn’t.

League of Legends
Mythic + that isn’t AWC
All forms of raiding that isn’t RWF

How do I win games with Arcane Mages instead of Destro Locks & Moonkins?

?? you really are fried.

Whats that got to do with your thread that you titled RBG Ladder Deflated atm?
Then you explain the top 1000 players…?

Your team that was 2k last season that is stuck (right now) at 1690 still have 3 weeks less than the whole season in front of them.

They change inflation numbers and they’re pretty trasnparent when they do it.

They don’t go and literally change the MMR. They just change the inflation people get on the weekly reset to slow it down or increase it.
This isn’t a conspiracy.

Because you linked a video from skill-capped where a question is “Why do we PvP”.

You want to play RBG, obviously, but I don’t understand the expectation of reaching your season high in 3 weeks?

Then you’ll be waiting for everybody else to get their weekly reset inflation.

Is this bad?

Telling people not to join Yolos isn’t a complaint lol. Telling people that your comp matters isn’t a complaint.

I’m implying that last week my guild and I cleared Normal. This week we are running Heroic. I don’t want to PuG heroic, I want to progress with my guild. You called out my raiding info, I told you why.

It’s private. I’m pretty volatile towards epic battleground communities, despite being in 2 of them. I’d rather keep it private than get kicked. I’m sorry that you don’t have access to my full toons. Maybe you should work on refining and explaining your points more? Instead of having to rely on belittling your opponents PvP history.

This would be a really cool topic if we were talking about any of these things.

Go re read. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that perhaps you just didn’t take the time to read before you posted.

Are you just refusing to admit you have nothing to improve on?
Sensitive topic?

You’re doomsaying the word ‘assumption’.
It must a default when you can’t comprehend something.

It’s just an example that is completely relevant.

But hey, I guess the guy who struggles and has nothing to improve on doesn’t need solutions, right?