SS needs rating buff or something

My rant is, games take 25+ minutes to join as dps, I win 3 and get zero rating, I win five rarely and get like 28 rating then I lose five and lose 70. Like wtf? Takes like hours to climb and then you have one bad game and then you are back where you started.


sounds like you’re CR and MMR are basically the same

you’ll climb if you just keep rattling off 4/5 win lobbys

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Yeah they nerfed it to be in line with 3s. Last season I’d get like 40 points for a 4-2, now I get like 15.

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even so, idk how its justified to lose 70 rating from losing five compared to gaining 28 for winning five. /rant

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do you have a blue post to verify that or are you just guessing

the key word in your OP is you win 5 rarely which explains the difference

if you win 3 on average and you lose 5 then ye bud you’re gonna lose more

Are they tying RSS ratings to old 3s ratings?

For example, if the highest rating in old 3s is currently 2.2k, does that mean nobody in RSS will go above 2.2k no matter how many games they play?

it’s possible this is true but i can’t seem to find any evidence that this was an implemented change

last few games were W/L 3-3, 5-1, 4-2, 3-0, then 1-5. Lost 70 rating when I only gained like 40 /rant

all im saying is something is wrong and idk how to fix it. MMR is dumb the way it is implemented… its frustrating to wait in 25 min lobbies as dps spending hours trying to climb for it to all crash down in one game. I mained healer prior and refuse to do SS now as heals.

i don’t think anything is wrong bud you just gotta keep playing

it appears to be working as intended

surely you can agree 1-5 is not good and of the previous 4, 2 of them were 3 wins which probably netted you zero because of how similar your CR and MMR is

I know I am not the only one that has brought this up looking at the forums now. Keep playing isnt the answer to something that is not working for many. People will stop playing all together.

well a lot of people complained last season about this very same issue and were wrong then as well

how would you fix it? would you never lose rating at all? would you always lose less than you stand to gain?

Like I previously mentioned, Idk how you can fix it.

I think it was also mentioned elsewhere in slightly more detail (maybe patch notes?), but here Arena is Deflated - #2 by Bornakk

thank you for the link

it would be nice if they provided us with an update on whether that has been implemented and what it means moving forward

I wonder if they tethered RSS ratings to old 3s ratings.

So, at a certain point, it doesn’t matter how well or how many games you play in RSS. You won’t surpass ratings in old 3s by very much.

This could have consequences throughout the ladder if Blizzard is altering the shape of the bell curve in RSS in order to match ratings with old 3s.

Keeps you playing longer like a casino.

we’re 10 days into the season buddy.

the rating and mmr is fine at the moment. no one should be getting legend or 2900 in the first week like it was last season.

Mathematically it kind of makes sense:

0-6 : 6 losses
1-5 : 4 losses
2-4 : 2 losses
3-3 : 0 losses, 0 wins (null point)
4-2 : 2 wins
5-1: 4 wins
6-0: 6 wins

If you notice this trend it means 4/7 (57%) scenarios will result in either points remaining the same or losing points

While on the flip side only 3/7 (43%) scenarios you can gain points.

You are much more likely to either remain the same CR or lose CR then you are to gain CR in this format, which means 57% of the time you are likely to be losing MMR. So if you don’t break a cycle of losses and 3-3’s the system is essentially making you lose MMR faster and faster resulting in bigger CR losses.

I don’t think so. In the blue post they are just trying to make the ratings similar to 3s ratings. So I’m guessing peak 3s will be similar to peak shuffle. Compared to last season where it was like 3080 was peak in 3s and 3600 in shuffle.