Alliance and horde colluding on earthfury

There are Several guilds on Earthfury using Third party applications to prevent other players of both factions from continuing on in the Scepter of the Shifting Sands Questline. This has completely halted any quest progress for those guilds that are not part of this Monopoly.

The guilds participating in this monopoly believe that they won’t be punished. Several of my own guild mates have video evidence of their collusion. For example, Mind Controlling members of the opposite faction while they are currently engaged in pvp combat. The Mind Controlled individual is then fully healed by members of the opposite faction before being released from their MC to finish off their opponent.

Please in-form of us that you are aware of the situation.


Any suspicions needs to be either right click and reported or send a email with video to with all details and videos date and time reports arent made over the forums.


If you suspect someone of exploiting, Promithes, you’ll want to submit what details you can to our address.

Keep in mind, as I believe I said in your Twitter response, we have little to no jurisdiction over third party programs such as Discord, Teamspeak, a phonecall, etc…

However, our staff will look into what they can and take what actions appropriate for any violations of our policies that they verify.


Just to clarify, is using Third-Party Programs to communicate and coordinate with members of the opposite faction in keeping with the EULA and TOS?

It’s gotta be something that can be verified in game. Collusion is REALLY hard to prove if it’s done outside Blizzard’s sphere of influence.


Yes, they can do whatever they want on third party services. The only way Blizzard will do anything is if the offending acts are taking place IN GAME. If the “illicit” communication is taking place outside the game then it doesn’t mater, basically.

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I did not say that. However, we do not have jurisdiction within those programs, we cannot use whatever chat found there as evidence of an in-game violation in most cases. Any collusion, exploitation, etc… would need sufficient evidence that is available through in-game logs/data.


I came here to report this as well.

We went out to Silithus to check out the quests and events only to be followed around by other alliance who were obviously reporting our position to a raid of horde. The horde would show up, kill us, and camp us while the alliance spotters just stood there untouched. This went on for several hours.

Is it not against the ToS for alliance to assist horde in this way to lock people out of content? None of use are going for scarab lord or anything, just wanted to see the new stuff…

We have videos of the alliance guilds that were performing the same faction griefing. If we send those to Blizzard, is it possible action could be taken?


You won’t be told, you won’t hear of any action that will happen to someone else’s account. Blizzard doesn’t own Discord, Whatapp, Telergam and the like, so they can’t take any of that a proof.

You can report it to the email that was given, but, against, you won’t know any of the outcome.


I am asking if the behavior is potentially actionable before we spend our time submitting our in game videos and screenshots of the cheating.

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“Griefing” isn’t actually something against the rules in WoW as it tends to mean “someone doing something I don’t like”.

That said, as Vrak pointed out above, if you do feel that someone is using an exploit, then you should send the videos/screenshots via email to


Ok, so sounds like cross faction collusion like this is no longer against the rules? I’m really just looking for a yes or no answer here.

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That’s not what this forum is form. You’re not going to get an answer like that for something that needs to be looked into. Something like this is something Blizzard want to look into behind closed doors and not get into any hot water because 3rd parties programs to talk to other players.

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There isn’t a yes or no answer to it unfortunately. Cross faction communication isn’t allowed in-game, but there are a lot of other ways people accomplish this these days outside of the game.

The only thing you can do is submit your report.


There are more communication options now than there were when WoW started. That said, players used outside chat/email/text options in Vanilla. It’s just more noticable now because more players know about it.

Collusion has always been against the rules, but Blizzard can only go by what’s in their logs. They don’t have access to third-party communication options like Discord or Ventrillo. A live-stream might be one of the few times Blizzard might use a third-party site for “evidence”.

Even then, they’d more than likely need to see it live, as it happens.

Exactly. Not live would have the same possibility of creative editing that any video has.

well ive gotten people banned for griefing me for hours… so your wrong. ill leave it that. they weren’t using a “exploit”

They weren’t banned for “griefing”. There would have been some rule that they actually broke.


This forum isn’t trying to up one one another, let alone saying something without proof. More to the point, the CS forum isn’t a place to grandstand about something.