[A][EST] Casuals Seeking Casuals

Here’s the nitty gritty first.

Realm(s) --Hellscream/Zangarmarsh/Eredar/Gorefiend/Spinebreaker/Wildhammer
Eastern Time Zone
Raiding (Shadowlands): Sunday 11 AM to 2 PM Eastern. 10/10N, 3/10H

We are:

Alchemy is looking for a handful of raiders (DPS, though possibly another healer if the numbers end up working out) interested in a one day a week Heroic raid team.

Our raid team is laid back, close knit and friendly. We’re not tryhards, min maxers, or hardcore mythic raiders. Raids can be called off if enough bodies aren’t available because of offline responsibilities (seldom) and we don’t faceplant on fights all night- if we’re stymied by gear or mechanics, we know when to call it off.

We are a community of adults aged 25-50 who indulge in a variety of gaming/nerdy interests including (but not restricted to) World of Warcraft-while juggling life & other offline responsibilities. The bulk of us are Eastern time zone based, typically talkative on Discord chat channels throughout the day and quiet from midnight EST to 5 AM EST. We are a home to couples/women/LGBT folk - we welcome one and all. There’s a high amount of self-sufficiency in the in-game WoW life with us - we log in on our own schedules while contributing to the guild bank and organizing small hangouts (running dungeons, doing keys, etc) via Discord.

If you’re intrigued, shoot me a PM on Discord at Sifner#0208 and we can chat. If things go well, I’ll shoot you a link to our quick info application and we can go from there. If you’re a group of friends or a fragment of a raid team looking for a fresh start, get in touch!

I look forward to speaking with you. :octopus:



Hey all!

I’ve known many of the fine folks in this guild/community for a very long time - some for over a decade! They’re a great group of people and if you’re looking for a more laid back experience in the upcoming expansion while still having a fun group to hang out with, you would fit in very well!

Looking forward to meeting some new friends in Shadowlands!

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Normally I’d say don’t trust a gnome but THIS gnome speaks truth!

(Thoughts on the Torghast mount? I like it. :thinking:)

Heya! I am the GM’s wife (so call me biased) but I love this guild and community. I first came to it over 8 years ago and have forged so many great friendships and experiences over that time. <3

As someone with anxiety who struggled to find a community before this one, this group has always been kind, welcoming, and inclusive. I have a great time with folks and can’t wait to see new faces joining in the fun!


Fun fact I did recruit my eventual wife** 8 years ago, so you can meet great people while you’re with us!

**results probably not typical

Fun fact, I am not married to the GM. Despite this setback, I’ve been with this fine group of individuals for three years now and couldn’t imagine having a better gaming home. Come join us- and you don’t even have to marry anyone to do so!

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I’ve been with this fine guild for over three years now. It has been so much fun that the time has just flown by. This has been such a great home to just relax and talk with people about your passions. Even if it’s something outside of WoW!

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I joined the guild at the beginning of Legion because I was looking for a fun, friendly environment for raiding, and it’s lived up to my expectations and then some! My husband and I are good friends with the GM and his wife and have even met up in person a few times. Everyone here is good people. :slight_smile: Promise you’ll have fun in dungeons and raids with a laid-back group and lots of silliness and laughs.

40 degrees overnight and only 50 by 11 am. Inject these fall temperatures into my veinnns.

In other news, happy weekend! Welcome back to everyone else resubbing in prep for Shadowlands!

Can confirm - have enjoyed my time (since Legion) with these fine folks enough to switch factions and stay in the guild even through the Vacation for Azeroth. Also I have raided, or at least died in a lot of raids. I’m sure there’s no correlation and no one is doing this to me on purpose.


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I really need this dang patch to drop. I can only redo my future toon customizations so many times in the dressing room.

Now I’m starting to wonder if I should race change my paladin. That way lies insanity. :expressionless:

I’m excited for the patch because I can’t wait to get back to holy power paladin healing!

Also excited to have a more streamlined leveling experience. Maybe I’ll finally catch some of my alts up.

Another old timer here! I’ve been part of this guild, and it’s various moves and reincarnations since, well, I guess the beginning?? It’s been a great place to meet new people and enjoy the game in a comfy setting while not feeling pressured into needing to be on. You really get to know the others in the guild, as everyone goes through a process to see if they are the right fit.

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Hey Ahmaani,

I am looking for a new raiding guild. I raided every tier in BFA, but I can no longer commit to my BFA guilds raiding schedule. Basically looking for an AOTC raid guild that raids on weekends. Really like your raid times as I typically like to go to bed early. I raided primarily as a BM Hunter (Broetroe) all four tiers and had a DH alt I played as well. Would like to meet and discuss joining your community. My bnet is Toadspam#1420 or I can reach out on Discord.

P.S. Sent a friend request to Sifner#0208 via Broetroe#0633

Hey there- I shot you a message back on Discord!

Sent a discord request

Well Hello there! I’m wondering since you raid Sundays and are EST based, what time’s is the guild usually active? I recently moved to Europe for work, so all the people I usually play with aren’t really on when I can be.

Londin- Okay!

Murl- It honestly depends. Right now we’re mostly waiting for prepatch/expac: jumping in and out over weekends or post work - call it 5/6 pm EST to 10/11 PM EST. As actual content appears and as new folks join, the hours of activity/amount of people active flex a bit. We are definitely not a 24/7 activity or tons of in game guild chat all the time Guild, if that helps! Hit me up on Discord at Sifner#0208 if I can answer any other questions for you- it’s easier for me to maintain a discord chat throughout the day than drill down to the WoW forum site on the phone. :rofl:

Super excited to explore Shadowlands with my good friends in Alchemy. I may or may not be mainly into the expansion for whatever hats are available to collect…

Do you like fancy hats? Yes? Come join us! If no, what’s wrong with you? :grinning:

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I have yet to see even one of these “nice hats” you own. :thinking: :thinking: