[A] <Weekenders> are recruiting casual raiders/players!

Weekenders , a casual raiding guild, are recruiting raiders and casual players 25 years of age and older to enjoy new adventures in Shadowlands 9.1, Chains of Domination. Join the original weekend raiding guild that has activities during the week, encourages and develops new players, and is ready for all the new challenges that lie ahead. All we need is you!

Who we are:
We are a mixture of players, old and new. Many of us are Day One players and are older than the average WoW player. We enjoy all aspects of the game: achievements? pets? Mounts? Reps? PVP? Mythic+ Dungeons? Torghast? AoTC Raiding? We do that.

We do not “police” or “manage” adults. We focus on the game: no politics/religion/controversy needed. To help keep things positive, our language/comments/concerns are PG13. Please read more below in “who you are”.

Raiding brings us all together. We don’t immediately bench players, like other guilds claiming to be casual. We actually take the time to develop the talent that’s already in you. Having more than one spec is highly valued, and can help us provide ways for all guildies to get opportunities to participate in guild activities. We keep things calm and light in all guild activities: no yelling, no calling players out, no arguing. We are playing the game to have fun, enjoy each other’s company, and win!

Who you are:
You’re an adult (25+) and you act like one with guildies in whisper, in gchat and on Discord. You avoid excessive negativity/sarcasm, direct insults, profanity and stay focused on the game. If you have a disagreement with a guildie, you keep it to yourself , and then you try and work it out amicably 1:1 with the other guildie before coming to Officers. You are relaxed and open in your playstyle and don’t mind sharing your knowledge about the game when asked. You focus on the game: no politics/religion/controversy comes up.

A Weekender looks out for the guild and her/himself. A Weekender puts the feelings of others ahead of their own. A Weekender raider studies fights , comes in early for a raid, and listens to directions. A Weekender raider can raid on the weekend. :slight_smile:

CURRENT NEEDS : We are currently looking for players that are a good fit in our guild. Raiding is not required to be in Weekenders. DPS is currently needed that can be available for Mythic+ dungeons Mon/Thurs 8p, Friday Fun Raid at 8p, and eventually be prepared to join our Sat/Sun 2p raid team. For our raid team, if you are multi-talented with your toon(s), (range or melee dps/tank) we should definitely talk! Remember, we develop talent. So maybe you haven’t done it? Well with us you get to test it out!

ACTIVITIES/RAID TIMES (Mon/Thurs/Fri guild activities are 2 hours, weekend raids are 2.5 hours):
Monday 8p activities: Mythic+ 2-9
Tuesday 8p activities: Warmode Weekly Quest
Wednesday 8p activities: Mythic+ 10-14
Thurs 8p activities: Mythic 15+ (for timers)
Friday 8p: Friday Fun Raid! (Fresh run/clearing, Alt raid/New Raider Tryouts).
Saturday/Sunday 130-4p Progression raid: (7/10 N and 0/10 H SoD currently) Saturday/Sunday group is open to all guildies who meet minimum item level requirements and have: completed at least three New Raider Tryouts on Friday (exceptional performance on Friday will result in quicker invite to weekend raid) , BigWigs/DBM, Discord, and the willingness to work as a team throughout progression. There’s no yelling, no arguing, and we simply ask that you follow/listen to guild directions.

TL;DR? Contact me in game on Cheheals/Chelives/Chelito…I’m all the Che’s on Gilneas (you will need to type Cheheals-Gilneas to chat) ! it will take us about 3 minutes to discuss all this. Or…Feel free to drop us a message here and I will, of course, get back to you. Thanks and good luck in your travels on Azeroth!


Bump for recruiting!


Bump for 6/9 Heroic! Bump for Normal Crucible down! Onto Heroic!

Still looking for more like-minded people, especially DPS!

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I’ve been in the guild for several months now and I’m enjoying it! Everyone is super supportive and helpful! Wynter approves! :wink::+1:


Old school Gilneas player here. Started up live again, and looking for something different. I don’t want to do the hardcore thing again. Did that all through Vanilla, TBC, Cataclysm, don’t have time to no life/second job it. That being said, I’ve played pretty much every role, but mostly hybrid. Tank/Dps or Heals/Dps. This time around, I’m going mage!
My issue though, none of my old guild on Gilneas exist anymore, (Excel, Faded, etc). I’ll try and catch you in game!

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Welcome aboard!

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Che fosters a very helpful community.


Just a shameless bump. Good group of folks, we all try to contribute to setup everyone for success. Hard work pays off, as we are now 7/8H
We do run Mythic + and usually people around to be helpful!

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Thank you Osaliske! Coming from a highly valued guildie and raider, it means a lot!

It’s always good when people come together, work hard towards a common goal, and have fun being successful. There’s room for more guildies, if you’re of a like mind!

Hello weekenders. I´m a casual player just searching for a new home. Would love to be part of your guild. Hit me whenever I´m online =)

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Hi there Patovica! I will add you to friends and hopefully guild invite you after we get a chance to connect! Thanks!

I would like to chat in game. I have played on and off since day one. I took a break after Dreanor, missed Legion, but I am back now. A lot has changed and I am looking forward to new content.

I am a casual player but I do like to experience some end game content; with the lens that it is a game and not my job. As a returning player I would like to find a new home to reacclimate to the game , find a good group of in game friends and partner up on achievements and personal goals.

I look forward to connecting in game

Welcome to the guild Worg!

Myself and my very significant other are both part of this guild. We joined after being in more than a few guilds that did not do anything for a majority of their members. We run Mythic+ nights, fun raid nights, we try and help whenever possible to help our guildies out. Reach out to Cheheals and find out if we are who you are looking for. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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7/12 Heroic Ny’Alotha!

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Bump for general awesomeness!

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Hey! I am interested in joining :slight_smile:

Hi Shifterson! Great to hear from you. I remember a while back you expressed interest in joining. I’ll add you to friends and let’s see if we can make it happen this time!

Bump for recruitment!

I would be interested in joining a casual guild. I’ve played WoW on and off since launch. Usually come back for a month or two each expansion. I don’t get a lot of play time but it’s usually more fun with other people. I last played “seriously” in WotLK. I should be on this evening sometime if you’d like to chat.