A New Class Means a New Class Color!

For the history of World of Warcraft, different classes have been visually distinguishable in various UI elements by the usage of a specific color that is unique to each class. For example, three different WoW classes can be identified by just glancing at the three following images:

(Mage, Paladin, and Rogue)

Yesterday, we announced the next class that will become a part of the visual feast of WoW classes, the Evoker, and we’ve defined a unique color for Evokers:


It looks like this:

And in raid frames alongside the other classes, it looks like this:

We’re looking forward to incorporating the new Evoker class color into every place in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight where it belongs.


Makes sense. Good choice.


A bit odd, nothing I’ve seen in promotional material so reflects that color is a good fit. But I guess you guys were running out of colors so… eh?

so dark monk.

i guess i can get used to that.


I always had faith in you #33937F


Hey, at least it’s not DHs to Warlocks.
They stole our wings and then took a better shade of purple.

Anyways. I like the color. I can’t help but feel like it should have been a Dragon Aspect color though.
The Monk green looks more emerald than the Evoker green.

Should have given them Alextrasza red IMO. Or a “Black Dragon” black.


For some reason, seeing Evoker in the raid frame and knowing that they can only be Drak’thyr makes me sad.


Hey instead of a slightly darker monk color how about let’s try black, or something a bit more unique?


Right there with you. Wanted a new ranged for so long.
But you have to admit, they can’t do as much with it as a Human as they could a Dragon.

It should be lightish-red. If you ask me.


i wanted grey - like a much darker priest.

but its not that important tbh anything works :slight_smile:

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Agree with folks saying it should be Light-Redish.

Maybe if Blizzard reveals the Dracyr tier armor and its color-keyed to that specific shade of Green it will make some sense, but right now when I think of Dragons, I think of Red-ish.

Honestly would have been cool if they used black opposite of priest color and because they were created by Deathwing

Save Grey for Tinker

Actually just save black for Tinker


Was expecting something closer to reddish-orange since that side of the color wheel isn’t really used that much.


What about a Paladin screams pink?


Draenei Paladin are OG pally.

Their crystals


If anything Paladin should have been blue and Shaman should have been red to signify their origins. Deathknights should be pink because that is the color of flesh, which they use to power some of their attacks.

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Pink is quite iconic to Paladins IMO. Gold and Pink are two of the biggest colors for Paladins.

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Aye, these posters talking like Draeni are the OG Paladins and not the Humans Dwarves that brought the Paladin version of the light to Azeroth in Vanilla.

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Yellow master class!

Color of the sun…. Oh no wait the sun is actually white and only appears yellow when filtered through the atmosphere.

I guess priests are the master class.