[A] Friendly Heroic Guild LFM (Mon/Thurs 9-11 Central)

We’re The Dungeonmens, a small guild with an inviting atmosphere, and we’re looking for a few folks to round out our roster!

We raid from 9-11 PM Central (US) on Mondays and Thursdays!

Our guild focuses on Heroic raiding with a light schedule commitment and some M+ on the side. Even with our light raid schedule, we usually manage to finish AotC before time’s up.

We’re looking for primarily DPS, but have flexibility to recruit healers, too!

We’ve been raiding together since Pandaria. Our main goal is to enjoy the game and the people we raid with: we don’t pug and fill out raids with tons of randos, and we value playing with each other and having fun. No drama, no jerks, no dregs of the internet.

If you’re looking for a small, friendly, largely casual guild that still manages to get stuff done, we may be right for you! Message me: ennui#1686 and let’s chat!

Afternoon! Come join us:)

We will be starting a fresh Normal clear tonight, so it would be a great time to hop in and meet us! Message ennui#1686 if you’re interested!

Come on over!! Great people! Will be running some m+ this weekend! Will also be looking for another Operation:Mechagon clear this weekend as well!

Feel free to add bender#1870 or ennui#1686 for more info!

Raid tonight! Come check us out!

Come on out, friendly folks! We’ll be starting Heroic very soon!

Ahoy!! Raid tomorrow night! Maybe m+ and chill this evening?