[A] [BENEDICTION] <STING> T/TH Morning & Evening Teams LF 1xMT 1xDPS 1xHeal

STING is an ancient (in PC years :wink: ) gaming community that formed way back in 1997 as a Quake 1 Team Fortress competitive clan. Strong friendships were formed with new and old members alike as we went from game to game (HL1 TFC, Planetside 1, WoW, LoTRO, SWG, SWTOR, and many others).

We have always prioritized having fun and friendships over anything else - and still completed game content accordingly with those two priorities intact.

We are a DAY ONE classic raiding guild that took two raid teams all the way through Naxx successfully. We added a third raid team for TBC.

We are currently looking for the following roles:

  • 1x MT (prefer Druid/Pally) (Morning Team)
  • 1x DPS or Heal (Morning Team)
  • 1x DPS (prefer Boomkin, Mage or Lock) or Heal (Evening Team)


  • Tuesday/Thursdays
  • Morning Team: 10a-1p PST
  • Evening Team: 7p-10p PST

Note these are two separate raid teams. All teams have day one classic experience veterans who farmed Naxx.

The truth is we are now all old, married and (some) with kids. We are looking for members who are NOT typically ‘hardcore’ or ‘no-lifers’. Those types are perfectly fine! However, they would probably not like our guild.

We are looking for the following types of members:

  • People who enjoy meeting new friends via gaming
  • Older 30+ crowd who have a job and family commitments but can still take time during the week to game with his/her buddies (though under 30s crowd always welcome)
  • Casual to semi-hardcore players who will make raid times and want to complete tier content. We do expect anyone participating to know their class well, able to research the fights ahead of time and follow instructions.
  • You have a good attitude, are friendly and want to have fun playing one of the best moments WoW history.

If you are interested in joining us, join our discord and message the appropriate team leader: discord.gg/tbWsYQ4ZP4 or add RedDog#0332 on discord.


Great group of people!

Still on the lookout for 2x Healers to complete our roster.

Laid back efficient group filled with adults. No elitist kiddos! A total plus!

Looking for 1xHealer now.

Are you taking any other classes or just straight healers?

Looking for 1xLock and 1xHpally for our evening team now.

Bump still looking for a lock for evening team

Hello, I have both an Hpal and Lock (Lock is almost fully feared missing Mageblade and ToeP), Hpal is 3/8 T1 w/salamander leggings and almost BiS. What kind of loot distribution do you do?

Tried messaging RedDog but Clyde bot is saying it can’t be sent

Hey there!

Was your name Floki on discord? I may have unfriended you by accident. I’ve sent another request.

Update: Our morning team is looking for 1x Fury Warrior. Please contact us on discord if you can fill this role.

Still looking for 1 Fury Warrior for our morning team.

I’ll message you. Looking for a group for my ally toon.

Sounds perfect! You guys recruiting hunters too? My wife plays one.

No sorry, just the classes that we posted. Thanks!

Dang ok, I’ll message you anyway. Thanks!

Ok thanks, looking forward to chatting

What loot system do you use?

We use DKP w/ decay plus very minor item restrictions (usually tank items to help with the raid and legendaries). Most everything else is open bid.