9.1.5 Character Customizations: New and Improved You

Lying will not help you here. The game shows you explicitly that the Silver Covenant features are Alliance-exclusive. Accept it and move on.


kirin tor is neutral :yawning_face:

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In the event you blues, devs or any others are paying attention to this thread still, there are a few threads I’d like to bring to your attention:

Some of us care quite a bit about the customizations. We appreciate what you’re doing with recent offerings, but I know that the communities I’ve just linked would love for you all to peruse the requests and ideas they’ve put forth.

There are other customization threads, and I know they have people would are equally as excited for new features as well. Spider, out!


…Guess they want to do them in chronological order. That’s fine. :man_shrugging:

…Actually, no. It’s not. That means it will take a long time to get to the Zandalari trolls. :angry: ( i kid, still somewhat disappointing)

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Void unique options for Void Elves who retain their own visual uniqueness as is and have a second visual theme at the expense of Blood Elves visual uniqueness when Blood Elves neither got to keep their own visual uniqueness, nor did they get an impactful second visual theme nor did they get unique options you’re now asking for?

But thanks for including the BE threads


But the Silver Covenant is not.

Spout all the nonsense you want, but you’ll never change the fact that, outside of sanctuary spaces, Horde characters are “kill on sight” to members of the Silver Covenant. Just like the Sunreavers, the Silver Covenant are objectively NOT neutral. :slight_smile:


After allowing VEs to receive an impactful second visual theme at the expense of Blood Elf visual uniqueness during a time blizzard said was for core races and then following that up by not returning that energy back to blood elves, can Blood Elf fans get unique additions to our favorite races main visual theme that remain exclusive to Blood Elves like Farstrider tattoos.

A second visual theme for RP tools to account for the loss of visual uniqueness that keeps being given away?


Isn’t their leader (Vareesa) the one who wanted to butcher innocent blood elves in cold blood in Purge of Dalaran, to the point of cutting down dragonhawks to prevent escape?

Yeah they’re not neutral.


They are Kirin Tor, and Dalaran is very much neutral, SC and Sunreavers obviously lean one way or the other but it doesn’t dismiss the fact their part of Dalaran.

If the devs have long held Alliance high elves are few and far between a rare site they said that knowing SC exist and they said it anyways because the population doesn’t apply to the statement they’re neutral in Dalaran.

That they have issues with the horde isn’t in dispute though

The vanguard description even lists them as a branch of the Kirin Tor

kill the horde on sight lol. imagine arguing the kirin tor and all its parts arent neutral still

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I’m sorry, I don’t participate in the BE threads, I don’t have a BE. I’m just an Alliance player. I only linked the ones that I participate in consistently. That’s why I added the last line, so that people who maintain other threads (like yourself) could do the same. Please, respond to the blue the same way I did with your threads :slight_smile:

Also, I just like Void Elves, and want them to deviate from Blood / High Elves AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Literally all of my posts in that thread seeks deviation from you all, 120%.


Probably near November 19th aka FF14’d endwalker releae to spite them :joy: not the first time they’ve done this.

All hands were on deck for the fourth, there’s a whole cinematic of Anduin sad he has to conscript farmers next because there’s not much left, and we only see Vereesa at the final battle that is Horde rebels + Alliance when the cinematic involved makes it very clear its a battle for Azeroth not faction based (unless you sided as a loyalist).

Where were they the rest of the war?


This makes sense to me. I do the same thing with how I participate, if I’m going to be honest. I’ll toss in support to some threads but if we don’t play the races, we can’t really contribute. We’ll just… not be interested in some. It’s why I don’t hop into high elves, they really don’t interest me. Blood Elves do, though!

Also agreed with the void elf thing there too. Would love more void options ^^ Maybe not tentacles as much (me preference) but starry stuff, yes.

My sub expires around the time FFXIV comes out, you can bet this patch won’t bring me in one bit :rofl: I’ll be with that crew. Gave my suggestions, it’ll be nice to step away for a while, or forever.


invisible. and im not even kidding people argued the SC showed up for the fourth war but you just couldnt see them


It’s almost like they aren’t apart of the Alliance but apart of Dalaran who we also don’t see during BFA

Dalaran a city that voted to allow the Horde a place in its ruling body in the quest “Calling of the Council” Khadgar specifically offer membership back in the Kirin Tor and the council agrees

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remember they only changed this because of the backlash… they wanted to stop because you know… it’s work. takes major laziness to only produce one content patch in 11 months.

void elf hair decoration

blood elf tats

red eyes/san’layn


the darker side of blood elves


dark rangers