598 attempts, no Brewfest Ram. Am I having fun? No, no I'm not

Chimes your solution doesn’t work…its still a frustating experience just like previous Love event…Daily boost isnt a good rewarding approach.

Maybe some CM should provide this feedback to Devs…

We’ve mentioned this since February with Love Rocket, this solution is still RNG and there’s a posibility that even with 99% drop rate, you could be the 1% that doesn’t get anyhthing for years…

Even Council is talking about this for the brewfest and several members talked about this RNG rewards for Holidays multiple times, all ignored by Devs and CMs…

That forum section is being ignored and it was sold as their new tool to listen to feedback…


They should just delete the CC at this point considering it’s all a PR stunt.


Its clear that CMs and Devs don’t have the resources to deal with the threads created on that subforum, there’s like a 90/10 ratio between threads and response in that sub forum and it took like 1 year before they even start doing calls …a really disorganized idea.




I hope, I’m wrong but I’ll say that this mount will have the same issues:

Then we’ll have the forums full of threads…because It’s just always the same with Reward Devs.

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this is what lame ion thinks of fun though.
see clueless director that knows nothing about games.

Pretty sure the mount is 100% drop off Doomwalker for the anniversary event. I got the Illidari doomhawk off my first kill last year.

You got it 100% drop because it was added as with 1% or maybe less and we’ve to fight that via twitter, forums…etc and then Devs changed it to be 100% drop… But We still see this kind of practices with low drops and not bad luck protection for events, so I don’t trust that it will be added wit 100% drop rate…

Also, I don’t like the idea of 100% because it was just a band-aid solution when Devs could do something with a currency or a progress and a better event that won’t depend on RNG and provide a reward after some effort.

It takes someone really special to think a sub 1% drop rate for a “holiday” “expansion feature” item is ok.


you can have this high at any time. simply stop!

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What kinda euphoria you been getting lately by stopping? :smile:

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Running an army of alts is a choice.
You can CHOOSE not to do it.
Isn’t that cool?


I don’t get why someone will defend this kind of design, even if it’s a choice by the player it was drived by the developers decisions and approach to rewards.

Its the same when some players go after X o Y class/spec due to efficiency, Players actions are mostly just a result of Devs desing, Therefore; asking for a better solution that doesn’t required alts but provide a goal via a good system like a bad luck protection mechanism or something to work towards its a good way to provide feedback and ask for improvements. Similar to the massive amount of threads about X/Y spec performance.

i thought they changed it so it no longer drops after your first attempt of the day…

You’ll be fine.


i got both of mine a few years ago in the same week. luck issue


Maybe Blizzard should implement a new currency for holiday events. Have Holiday vendors that sell some of the items on the idea of timewalking currency. Even if it takes 2 or 3 years of farming currency a player could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Got mine after about 10 times, so this thread is just straight complaining

There will a thread later in the month ;

“Headless Horseman mount does not drop”

My alts would love a word.

80% of the time it’s the Direbrew Remotes that keep landing in loot for them more than anything else.

If you want it keep doing it. When the mount < the desire to stop trying, you know its time to quit. Its a very simple concept. :smile: