598 attempts, no Brewfest Ram. Am I having fun? No, no I'm not

Or feedback?

Cosmetic drop could be 99.99% drop and there’s still a chance someone try with 1000 alts for nothing, that’s the problem with RNG, its a matter of odds, attempts…etc

Obviously there’s going to be post about headless horseman because Devs just follow the same fix implemented for Love rocket, the daily boost attempt, I did 53 attempts per day last love event and I still didn’t get the mount after doing 15 days of event (around 790+ attempts this year)…RNG is still an issue for this kind of rewards, because you get it after few attempts , it doesn’t mean other players doesn’t experience bad luck with the reward desing.

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Took me a while to realize this and break the cycle :wink: There are so many mounts in this game. If it is so awesome and you plan on using it a ton, I can see going ham to try and get it. But if it will end up as just a +1 in your mount collection, might not be worth that kind of intensity.

Especially ground mounts now. Even if I love it, they have become virtually irrelevant except when Blizzard intentionally limits flying (and we know how that argument goes).

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Same here, dude.

I used to be pretty hardcore about farming mounts but SL broke me of that desire. Now I’m lucky if I get 5 mounts a month. Most come from the TP or the shop now.

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I don’t chase these low drop chance mounts. I see these threads about people chasing them for years and I can only imagine how much time they lost on doing it. I will run these event mount drops maybe once a day and that’s it. I know Blizzard wants to make these mounts a special prize but it seems a bit ridiculous on a lot of them. Like you said as well with dragon flying, it makes a lot of the mounts pointless. Even the ground mounts that they give you.

Some of these other rare items that drop grrrrrrr. I’m after this moonfish for the compressed ocean. Last one I need. Wowhead says it drops during the night to 8AM. Well the game just trolled me right before I logged for maintenance. A sunsoaker dropped which tells me wowhead times are wrong. The server time is the same as my westcoast time which was 6:58 when it dropped.


i can buy it for 10 brewfest tokens… and i havent even cared too. heh

Necroray eggs? That was quite literally the worst camp in WoW. Ever. Although Soundless has to be up there too.

Most other SL mounts were fine IMHO (eg Nerissa, Famu). I didn’t like (and never got) the group one from the Bastion chimes though. That one sucks.

Yeah, a ton of my alts have the remote. Some have had it drop multiple times. I never considered it super rare.

The Ram falls into a category I call “1% mounts”. It’s probably not exactly 1% but it’s close. This is the rarest mounts should be IMHO and I don’t mind them. When the MoP WBs were dropping mounts 1 in 2000 I never once considered farming that (other than getting a kill of Nalak on the way into Throne of Thunder). Even Solar Spirehawk at 1 in 500 was too rare (for me). I felt pretty vindicated when these got changed after the loot table accidnet at DF launch.

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No, I was referring to the fact that SL had over 200 mounts alone. The majority of mounts had like 5 or more recolors. What’s the point in spending hours and hours farming something that has 5 or more recolors?

I have Soundless and the chimes mount.

Is there some kind of macro out there or way to tell how often you’ve used each of your mounts? I bet that would help cure some folks :wink:

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So many people like “well you choose to do that” and normally I would agree for things that drop from old bosses but even those ought to be on a vendor. This game is off putting dude normal people wouldn’t want to play a game where you can farm something for years and still have no way of actually helping your odds.

Why are so many of you so poised to be subjected to stupid game design?? Are you content just eating whatever sh*t they serve you?

That is complaining , you wrote a whole paragraph complaining about RNG. Feedback is often used to prove your point (complaining about RNG, how many times you have run, etc)

Good luck, and maybe your feedback will be taken into account if Blizz watches the forums.

I would love to get the TLPD, and that is the pinnacle of RNG. Headless Horseman Mount as well.

Obviously, we both are viewing it differently . Im not going to split hairs with you over definitions. Don’t feel like I am attacking you, again I am just offering my view.

TLPD isn’t the pinnacle of RNG, its 100% drop, maybe the respawn but that’s also timed and you can do different things in order to approach it, like changing realms, chromie time…etc now there’s more ways to avoid the issues with its camping compared to before. Good Luck.

Yeah, TLPD has some RNG (namely if Vyragosa spawns or the TLPD) but other than that it just takes knowing how the game works a little plus patience. When Ifarmed TLPD it took me about 5 days to get (real days, not played time). Specifically you need to know about the reset time and how idle zone resets work.

Yeah I mentioned that “maybe the respawn but that’s also timed and you can do different things in order to approach it, like changing realms, chromie time…etc now there’s more ways to avoid the issues with its camping compared to before.”…also there’s discord that sell you the camping, so you can avoid that…it’s not like other cosmetics that’s easy to attempt but then its pure luck against really low RNG.