[Collection] Renewed Proto-Drake: Brewfest Armor

So, ugh… I don’t even know where to start…

I love that events are getting a revamp, I just do not understand the design decision to put the manuscript for dragon riding behind the same system that has been put behind the Heartbreaker from Love is in the Air… Which… aren’t and shouldn’t even be comparable at all.
It would’ve done the whole Brewfest event so much more service if you had to do the minigames for them to do it.

As it stands, farming for the manuscript changed from a ‘‘Oh cool I got it!’’ to a ‘‘Oh thank f*ck that’s over…’’. This also means that there are going to be people who want the manuscript, and are gonna have to wait another year to maybe get it.

It’s just not fun.


Yeah, just adding it to the list of other events mounts I don’t have yet and never drop each event.

Especially if they are revamping aspects of events they can add varying ways to get event tokens. Add more items to the vendors.


If the manuscript is going to be exclusive to the Brewfest event and Blizzard want it to be a rare drop. That’s completely fine. I don’t think that’s an issue at all.
What is an issue is that there is no sort of protection in place for those that put the time and effort into countless attempts throughout the whole event and not receive it by the end.
Going forward with many systems I think there should be a reward structure in place for those that show the dedication towards completing / collecting said item.

If a hard cap of 50 attempts was the example. It’s given no matter what by the end. At least then it’s a time versus reward and not a colossal waste of time potentially.

Knowing the limits of how much you want an item and completing the task to guarantee that reward feels better.
It doesn’t have to be a tiny amount of clears, kills, quests. It can still be sizeable. You don’t have to give the item away.

Just make sure it’s earned.


I don’t think time limited rewards should be based on RNG whatsoever.


Brewfest is over, did I get the manuscript? No, I didn’t…

Every day I queued up till I reached the dungeon cap and I am more annoyed and upset that I spent so much time towards a mediocre item, but wanted it anyway for the sake of collection.

I don’t think these emotions should be the target for a game.


Imagine the elation once you get it next year or the year after. It took till last year to get Horseman’s Reins, I was OVER THE MOON.

And to be honest my hard work feels wasted with the change to make it easier to get, . I enjoy hard to obtain content, I also am sick of people wanting hand outs with minimal work.

But that’s not what we’re asking for. We’re asking for alternative ways to get the items that also require dedication. I imagine it costing around what you get for collecting all the pumpkins at the inns+a few runs of the dungeon+dailies.

Handout would be putting it on the monthly reward for Trading Post activities, but even that requires some work.

It’s not “hard to obtain”, it’s just “lucky to obtain”.


I honestly advice you to read the thread better instead of assuming.


Bips comments are maybe not relating to the point specifically being made here by some. The abstract of what they are saying has merit.

They have a different view point to a much larger issue impacting so many system in the game.

I agree with your sentiement Bip, that there can be a large sense of accomplishment with a variety of items, including the Headless Horseman mount. That can be detracted when others get it quickly with possibly few attempts.