598 attempts, no Brewfest Ram. Am I having fun? No, no I'm not

Oh I was talking about buying Your way out of problems in real life. You definitely can


fixed it for you. added the (like in)

Ah… the grammar forum police havith arrived


my insertion of the works “like in” have nothing to do with grammar.
what it did was completely reverse your sentence with the addition of two words.

also dont take it personally. it was more a jab at society as a whole in general than a comment directed towards you as an individual

Got the Kodo this week after the first run on my warlock.

it’s the same speed as any other mount.

idk why some people do stuff they hate for literally nothing then complain like a gun is held to their head


What does this even mean? Suddenly it’s bad that people want the BLP to be a vendor and not a decade of RNG, while literally everything else for holidays is on a vendor to earn?

It’s a game for godssake. It’s supposed to be fun.

Geebus, people like you need to get out of this toxic environment and go play some other MMOs that don’t have negative systems attached to them.


Except the swift ram IS available right now, today for gold from Pol Amberstill for those of us who had completed the quest in '07.

There’s no reason the swift ram should be any harder to get today than it was at the time…


“I don’t have toy. I want toy.”

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Hmm, I should check if my old rogue can buy this. I mean, I have the Swift already but I can trot out to Dwarfland and check this out tonight.

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I came to a conclusion a long time ago that the hard I try for a mount the less likely I seem to get it. When I start not caring and only occasionally run stuff I seem to get a higher chance at the drops. I know my observations are probably biased, but it has seemed truthful as far as me personally. But I still think they need to move that decimal over a place or two. (in our favor)

You can run this (on your rogue) if you don’t want to waste the trip time. If it returns true you should still be able to buy the 60% ram if you didn’t at the time.
/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(11400))


Not for the OP, to whom I was replying to, not “those of us” that have it already.

I haven’t said this in a long time…ahem…random is random. There’s nothing to ‘fix’.

This is the high we chase: the euphoria you get when you never have to do something ever again.

On Dragon Soul I got relatively lucky (~150 attempts). What made it worse was I missed it drop and it was sitting in my mail for 2 weeks while I went and did DS another 15 times.

I got the kodo years ago but yeah like you I’ve been chasing the ram to complete my set. My first loot bag every day is always tokens and every bag after nothing but tokens… I agree with you at this point, why can’t we just buy the missing mounts with tokens since they give us so many? Do they seriously think this is fun? I mean they send us to a bar in a vanilla dungeon to kill a dwarf who gives you nothing most the time. Most fun I’ve had was cracking the kegs after and taking out the gnome bartender so all the patrons of that bar are mad that their source of ale stopped. Still it was petty but I made the bar as annoyed as I was at the current level of RNG

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WOW! You must have needed at least one other drake for “Awake the Drakes” achieve or it would have alerted you. Unless it pops when you add mount, but blizz changes things so often over the years. Would be weird logging into alt and noticing it had mail from postmaster and wondering what it could be…

I still don’t have the Dragonriding Skin from this event.

Feels bad.

This was me. I had all my alts prepped. I got it on my 2nd kill. I was happy, but also upset.

Same thing with headless horseman. I spent 13 years farming it. Most years, it was 15+ toons a day. Same with brewfest. I got my kodo thank arthas… but the ram… oof.

And don’t get me started on invincible…

One day we may have rng protection… one day…

How many clears are you at? I’m averaging 12 a day.
This years drops seem very rare. I’m only at one tankard, and one remote. And no one in my groups has gotten anything of note.

You know what’s cool?

A DRAGONRIDING COSMETIC having a worse drop rate than pre-buff Ruhkmar.