24 ban because a name got flagged?

This was the name I made ßæßæßæßæßæßæ. I log into the world get flagged for rename about 10 seconds later, then get a message I am suspended for 24 hours…

So I am assuming enough people right click reported my name (which isnt using any bad language or offensive) which prompts some automated system to kick in and do all of this automatically?

I mean seriously? People are running around with names like Demonhumper and swearing away in general chat, but THIS gets me a 24 hour suspension? This is ridiculous.


Thanks for sharing?

If you wish to contest the action on your account and the name change, you’ll need to open a ticket. There are no GMs here.


I tried, but the response time is estimated at 24 hours…which is the length of the suspension. This is a very very broken system if a group of people could go around and get anyone they want suspended.

There is no way a gm was involved with this it all happened over the course of literally 20 seconds of me logging into the game world. It is some automated system.


It doesn’t matter how many people report someone’s name, it only generates a report which an actual person then reviews.

As for this bit, Blizzard has a reactive stance on naming violations. They don’t go looking for naming violations and rely on in-game reports from players. It’s possible the player name in your example hasn’t been reported yet, or it has, and the report hasn’t been reviewed yet.


Think what you wish, but the forums are still not a means of appeal nor circumvention to the ticketing system.


There is no way a gm was standing by and was involved literally 20 seconds after i log in. I can almost guarantee this is an automated system. This is beyond broken if it is the case. There is absolutely nothing offensive about that name, now ill admit it looks horrible and stupid.


If it puts you at ease, here is a current Blue Reply the ties into this thread pretty well imo:


The name report system is not automated, although a lot of reports get it to the top of the GM queue faster. It is then reviewed and penalties are issued. Most commonly, you just get a prompt to change the name. A suspension does not happen, usually, on a first offense.

I don’t know what server you were on, but if it was RP then please keep in mind naming restrictions are more restrictive there. It has to fit with the game world.

As others said though, you do want to appeal. Even if it does take the full time of the suspension, you would want it over turned (if possible), so that you don’t have a black mark on your account. Those stack and result in harsher penalties down the road.

For other violations you see, be sure to right click and report those.

EDIT - as to the concern about automation - you would not have that many reports within 20 seconds to trip any automation even if it did exist (not saying it does). More likely you were reported during a prior log in and the penalty was set for the account. When you logged in it applied the penalty. I am only guessing, but that is more likely than getting some insane amount of reports over a name all within 20 seconds.


How myself or others feel about your issue , or point of view, the fact remains that you cannot appeal the actions on your account here.

Even if a Blue were to answer, never a guarantee, they’re not GMs to appeal to or overturn an action.

Arguing your stance here will accomplish nil. You’re not going to convince someone of your poy, nor they you.

You’re wasting time here.


im on the customer support page trying to get some customer support…why are you here?

Dear gods. here we go.

Welcome to the Customer Support forum. A player to player, Blizzard moderated, assistance forum. here we help players in regards to in game issues, policy issues, and account issues. Directing them the the proper venue to address their issue(s).


You assume incorrectly. There is no automatic system that would flag and suspend the account, Krovax. Your name was reported, it was reviewed by a Game Master and determined that it violated policy.

What other people may or may not be doing has no impact on if your name was or was not found to be in violation. If you see something that you believe may violate policy, report it. The matter will be reviewed and appropriate action taken.

As for the name and earning a suspension. While the name is not vulgar, it is doesn’t really fit regular naming conventions, and therefore it was decided it needed to be changed.

For naming violations we usually try to provide an education for the first time around. As this appears to be your second naming violation, that means an education was no longer warranted. You are welcome to appeal the decision by submitting an appeal ticket.

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I understand you are frustrated. This forum is not for appealing account actions. What it does serve as is an Information Desk!

Here we help people sort out how to navigate the ticket system, use the Knowledge Base articles, explain policies (as best we can), explain purchase system and account services.

Is is the kind of place you go when you want to ask “how do I appeal?”, or “what is the current name policy?”.

Those things are what this forum was set up for. The goal is to direct you to the right resources, in this case the appeals ticket.

That was the correct answer. Now, if you want to know more about the naming policy that is something we can still help with.


Character Naming Rules

  • The character name must be between 2-12 characters long.
  • Accented characters are supported.
  • Numbers and symbols are not supported.
  • Mixed capitals and spaces are not supported.

I wouldn’t consider ßæ numbers of symbols, because the character creation screen lets you use these, it will say you can only use characters if you try to use anything else.

Hmm I wonder if it was the mixed capital part…I guess thats enough for a 24 suspension /shurg

It’s always at Blizzard’s discretion. That said? You’re not appealing the name change with Vrak. Wait on your ticket


That might have done it. It was not terrible name in a vulgar way, just not really within the scope of the naming scheme they want for the game.

This is where discussing policy is great - it results in a better understanding of the rules so as not to make the same sort of mistake again.

I would still leave the appeal in though, never know if the reviewing GM might reduce the penalty or not.

Just be sure to pick a new name that stays within the rules. There are some really great names out there and name generator sites to help.


Ya thx, just got frustrated. When you actually need a gms help it takes 24 hours…but if you use a stupid name they are just waiting there to instantly ban you : /

To be clear, that’s not what happened. Your character was flagged for the name change when the GM looked at the report. That could have happened minutes or hours prior. Once flagged by the GM, the system waits to notify you when you log in.

The GM wasn’t just waiting around for you to log in.


I made a character then logged in, This all took a total of 30 seconds max