Multiboxing and automated moderation

They’re allowed because you’re wrong. They’re not botting nor fully automatic things.


Correct, multiboxing in itself is not a violation. What some of them do while multiboxing is, such as creating false alarms.

Someone never experienced the fury of Angwe back in Vanilla and BC. That man locked down single-handedly locked down the Wetlands for months at a time. You don’t need to to be a boxer to lock down a zone, just to be REALLY good.

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Because the game maker who knows the data clearly rejects YOUR assertion that its a problem that you claim it is.
You want WM perks…without the danger.
Sorry but its an MMO…thats how it works

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Mass flag cheating might not ban you but reporting name will. It automatically disconnects you if enough people report it. You have to change your name or wait hours for an appeal.


You assume incorrectly. There is no automatic system that would flag and suspend the account, Krovax. Your name was reported, it was reviewed by a Game Master and determined that it violated policy.

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If theyre actually bots…report them…botting isnt allowed. Boxing by players is allowed.

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You rang?


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there you are


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The most entitled player on the forums :rofl:

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AND readily admits it :laughing: :+1:

There are 10 pops on each node. Implemented so that 10 people can use one node, so long as they get there within a set time limit of the first tap. This also allows multiboxers to get roughly 10 times the materials as anyone else, so long as they are farming on 10 accounts. You can keep looking, but chances are, that multiboxer has probably already cleared all of the nodes in the area you are looking. Your only hope is to get ahead of him in the rotation, which will likely not last long.

Botting is against the rules. You can’t say that like it isn’t a problem, because historically Blizzard has banned botting for giving certain individuals an “unfair advantage to the game.”… kinda like multiboxing.

This has already been semi-debunked, if you care to read all of the comments before posting instead of hoping in on an already 90 reply deep conversation in response to the original post. However, auto-moderation would definitely not prevent people from false flagging, and would instead reward them with satisfaction of getting someone banned for inconveniencing them. Gank squads would just turn warmode off and mass report people who are just trying to play the game.

I think you should keep posting this in the customer service section. Tell them that you DEMAND they stop breaking the rules they make. You should then threaten that you will leave if they don’t bow down to your reasoning that they are breaking their own rules. After that you should stop stomping your feet, wipe the foam off your mouth, and come to grips with the fact that no matter how much you cry. Multiboxing isnt against the rules. Multiboxing isn’t cheating. Thank you and have a pleasant day .



man. you guys. seriously? I called this in the other thread. you multiboxxer apologists always do this. Mutliboxxer actively ruin the gaming experience for other players and you happily defend it, then even go so far as to say they should turn off warmode to avoid it.

disgusting. seriously pathetic. the lengths you have to go to defend this trash is just amazing. players enjoy doing PvP and multiboxxers ruin that experience. Even ignoring things like immersion and just you know… enjoying the game, why should someone playing 10+ accounts be able to grief players? Makes no sense… and you guys are okay with that.

The same as any other ten characters would do.
Next ‘problem’.

which WE do all the time…and why WE dont toss a fit about it in here daily.


banned BOTTNG thats against the rules…not BOXING…which isnt.
Not the same thing except where the rule breaking BOT is BOXing as well.


Oh boy. Another multiboxing thread.


Multiboxers farming Silithus elites for the rep quests appears to be the new P2W.

bUt tHeY dOn’T hAvE aN aDvAnTaGe oVeR 5 pLaYeRs!

I want warmode perks and events to happen in situations where I don’t get roflstompped by one person controlling 20 accounts. I don’t care if I get ganked, I don’t care if I find myself in a war between the factions, I don’t care if I am in the group of people who are steam rolling ya’ll. The problem comes with coordinated attacks of a multiboxer being able to basically one shot everyone. How do you think we can fight back when a person controlling 10-20 accounts will death grip you into their herd, use one ability on you from all of the accounts the control, kill you, then tab target the next player to do the same thing? Chances are, we aren’t going to be attacking the same target like that.

love them…hate them…it gets old having to tell these folks the SAME crap every single stinking day…like they arent capable of SEARCHING this forum to find out that this ISNT the place to get anything changed.
WE cant do squat about it in here.

People controlling that many accounts is extremely rate.