24 ban because a name got flagged?

No, I don’t think it would be for ßæ, but ßæßæßæßæßæßæ, is more than a little nonsensical.

It can be enough for a penalty and, based on what was on the account prior (i.e. you have had an education already), it can lead to a suspension.

Understandable. I should point out that names that had already been reported and previously penalized as a violation take little to no time to process. Those can appear to be lightning fast because of that. Your name was likely on such a list so when you were reported, it was able to be quickly addressed.


I know you are frustrated and it feels pretty bad when you get suspended and yet you see others who have not been smacked by the hammer yet.

That delay in them getting a name change? It was the same for you. They were not waiting to pounce on you! They don’t even monitor the game in real time. The way it works is that players right click report. Those reports all go into a massive queue to be reviewed by the team. More reports makes it move up the queue faster. It can take days sometimes before action is taken, if the infraction only has a few reports.

I promise, they are not lurking behind bushes waiting to jump out and shout “ah hah!” while twirling their monocle.

EDIT - I forgot about the list part! Thanks Vrak. See, this place is good for educating even those of us who have been here years and need reminders :slight_smile:


I got banned too about the same time you did. Apparently offensive name I’ve had for years. I guess today is the day they decided that names were on the chopping block.

Offensive names have always been changed when reported. Also, a name doesn’t have to specifically be “offensive” to be a violation of the rules.


No. People get forced name changes every day. And post here to complain. Just like you.


Specifically said offensive. Thanks tho for talking about something you don’t know the details on. I said my name was offensive. It has nothing to do with his topic why i was banned just an additional voice in the “I’m banned because i had a rename previously.”

Just to touch on this, if the appeal is successful, then the “black mark” is removed from your account. This was a 24 hour suspension, which makes the next one 48 hours. If the appeal is successful, then your next violation would only be 24 hours. There’s also the tiny possibility of being compensated for those 24 hours, though I’m not sure if they provide that.

Please know that I am not saying your appeal will be successful, or advocating breaking the rules more. Just letting you know why you could keep the appeal up, even though the wait is basically the length of the suspension.


The text always says that, it’s just a catch-all message (probably an outdated one too). The message means the name is inappropriate. That doesn’t mean offensive, it just means not allowed.

Yup, that’s how it works. Didn’t really need to “add your voice”, but that is how it works; ignore the good faith chance, you get punished, because you’re clearly not getting the message.

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So a second name violation is an instant 24hr ban? That’s awfully harsh, particularly with a name that really doesn’t appear obviously offensive or inappropriate. Is my whole WoW account going to get banned if someone misinterprets my name and reports it? Do I need to delete this character to save my account? Or every character that could possibly get name reported? There are quite a few goofy ones that some might consider “a little nonsensical”. And another that’s a pseudo-celeb name (Leonlett). I’m actually a little worried here, Vrakthris. I don’t ever recall seemingly minor name violations being treated so harshly.

That name was already on a list? Other players had thought of naming a character ßæßæßæßæßæßæ? I never would have expected that. Goes to show you don’t ever know.

You should use suspension. It’s more a lesson then anything.


I appreciate the reply, but I’m sure sure how this helps me.

Nope, not going to do this whole back and forth today. I’m locking this while I answer your original post.


It can, yes. Any penalty can earn a suspension, but we usually provide an education for the first offense in most cases. The “harsh” I think would be a suspension for the first minor offense, hence the education.

No, because as you should know, a report does not equate to a penalty. Reports are reviewed by Game Masters and the penalty applied in accordance to our policies. If no violation is found, not penalty is applied and the reported player never knows that we were looking.

Yes, because that makes sense.

Again, there is a huge difference between someone reporting a name and a Game Master applying a penalty. For instance, the name generally should violate policy for that to happen.

As for nonsensical, this is rhetorical, but don’t you think the same 2 “letters”, repeated multiple times, is a bit much? This is a “name” which consists of 2 "letters, both non-standard characters like the German ß, which I believe was explained to produce the sound “ss”, and æ. Together they don’t really form a name and 6 pairs all together isn’t really much of anything.

For the most part, on a non-RP realm, we tend not to bother with “nonsensical” names, but my thoughts are it was changed because this fell on the other end of the spectrum.

Not to sound flippant, Pu, but you seem to be unfamiliar with a great many things that have to do with our policies. The type of violation does determine the severity of the penalty, but so does the frequency. A first is almost always a warning, the second is almost always a time penalty of some kind and the minimum for those are 24 hours.

That, or some form of it, if I had to guess. The turn around on it was fairly fast, which usually indicates that the name, part or in full, has been reviewed before.

I was going to reopen the thread but I feel it is only going to result in the traditional back and forth and I think we’ve just about exhausted our limits in that for now.