<H> Fist of the Wombat is recruiting for Keystones (3)
ISO M+ community or guild monk/priest (1)
<Rain> Mythic Eternal Palace Sales (1)
<H> Business Casual LF Heals + DPS (1)
LF Raiding Guild <H> (1)
<Karma Horde> Recruiting for multiple teams 6/8M (5)
LF a Christian Horde Guild (8)
Synergy <H> Recruiting for Mythic EP (5/8M) (1)
Looking for old friends. 08-13 (1)
Looking for a Field Marshal Priest from <Impervious> (1)
Accidentally deleted war campaign quest line (1)
<Promethean> Selling Heroic: The Eternal Palace + MORE! (4)
[H] <Hive Mind> Recruiting! 3/8 M | 8/8 H (7)
Looking for an alliance raiding guild (1)
any old stormreaver people? ( 2 ) (28)
LF daytime raiding guild (1)
(H) Night Control is recruiting! (6)
Old Stormreaver peeps Returning for Classic? (3)
<Studly Muffins> Recruiting Mythic Teams (1)
Synergy Recruiting for Mythic EP Progression (5/8M) (1)
Three Hops This Time 9/9 BoD recruiting for 8.2 (2)
<H> Sanctus is Recruiting (2)
(H) Healer looking to raid Heroic or mythic (1)
<Synergy> [H] - 1/8M, 8/8H EP recruiting for Mythic Eternal Palace (1)
Brand New To WoW (3)
So What’s New for Returning Players? (1)
<TPC> Recruiting for Mon/Wed nights (2)
[H] March on Eventide LF 2 mythic raiders! (1)
MW Monk and Mage LFGuild (1)
<Hang and Bang> (H) - Recruiting for Mythic Eternal Palace (1)