[H][US]The Council of Ricks 10/10H - Recruiting for H/M CN

Server : Stormreaver [Horde]
Guild Name : The Council of Ricks
CN: 10/10 Heroic 1/10 Mythic
Raid Times : Saturday and Sunday 8pm- 11pm cst

1.) DK or DH Tank
2.) Resto Shaman
2.) Mage or Hunter
3.) DK, warrior, Pally dps
4.) Off tank dps

Currently 10/10 Heroic, and soon will be starting mythic. Raid times are 9pm to 12am EST Saturdays & Sundays.

Council of Ricks is recruiting skilled players to rebuild our roster after a recent break since obtaining aotc. We recently lost a couple raiders due to IRL priorities and are looking to fill those spots. We are currently looking for players who are wanting to farm heroic sire and start progressing into mythic CN!

We also enjoy running keys and a couple of our members are involved in PVP! Friday nights are an option fun night where we do either old raids/achieves or mog runs and such.

**18+ is a must.