any old stormreaver people?


anyone still kicking around from vanilla/tbc days?

feeling nostalgic
I am just re-subbed after several years away. Checking to see if there are any communities out there that still want to talk and share the game with one another.
Been playing on other servers for the most part lately, but I still check in from time to time :)

I used to be in Impervious lol


I am still ganking your lowbie alt!

Me too! I fly out to Pandy land time and again and reminisce about the old days of ganking people and phasing into the farm unscathed…drives people CRAZY!

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Not that I was in any big guild or part of the groups pushing PvP but I was around in those days. :wink:

Hopped around to a few different servers, came back as Horde last expansion and then swapped back to Alliance.

My fiance also was from those days: A mage - Livec.

I played in Mistaken guild on horde side in Vanilla. Check out vanillafriends website to find old realm players. My main was a mage called Chemoshots.

ive played since classic. took a long break through most of pandaria and all of draenor but im back.

Names i have played under, Luggstern, Wamp, Tifan, Zenerra.

Played from classic to warlords. during warlords I only did garrison stuff. Server transferred to mannaroth to get better faction balance.

I am getting a group together for classic WoW though. We have over 450 players already. We are aiming for 2000 in total to make sure the server is high pop after all of the tourists leave 3 months after launch. It is a community group. Classic won’t have cross realm integration. I really would like to have old stormreaver players in the group.

This is a multi-guild Cross faction group. We are aiming for a 50% faction balance in the group. I really want to bring the old server together again like how it was before everyone went to the horde and threw off faction balance.

If facebook is best for you and your friends.

I started playing on Stormreaver back when I had no real life friends playing WoW, as I made more IRL friends after highschool I found everyone off different servers. This time for classic launch I have gathered them before hand. I made this group so they can gather their friends also.

Join us for classic in this community group.

Old Character Name was Boohty 3x Glad Rogue on Alliance.

Crazy thing about this post is i’m also trying to reunite with old friends on Stormreaver. If anyone remembers me, hmu!

can’t say I know you, but I am looking to ad old stormreaver players to my group seince that was the server I started on in classic. it was the post from Wamp

You were never a threat Damo

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Been playing on stormreaver since Nov 04. I’ve been in Igglebound since the begining :slight_smile:


Kajta reporting in.

Were you by any chance in Vanguard of the Alliance in vanilla? This is Balric, was the OT then MT for TBC.

March of '05 here. Never left…

Heavy Leather Balls remembers…

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Been around since BC Launch. Have some old t4/t5/t6 screenshots still on photobucket lol. I remember the old big guilds, Impervious, Taco Bell crew, Duality.

I was in Square one, then we Merged to Lnsomnia. I don’t recall our rank, but we were an earlier squad to hit T6

Gonna recommend again, if you want to find old realm mates, especially if you plan to play Classic, check out VanillaFriends website. 46 old Stormreaver hordies currently signed up, not sure about alliance. Be cool to see some more old names.

/e- 102 alliance from SR atm