[H][US][Stormreaver] <IMPACT> 10/10H Recruiting for HEROIC (M/TH) 9-12 CST)

Server : Stormreaver [Horde]
Guild Name : IMPACT
Castle Nathria Progression : 10/10 Heroic
Raid Times : Tuesday and Thursday, 9 pm - 12 am CST

1.) Priest main comfortable with swapping between dps and heals
2.) Ranged DPS
3.) M+ Tanks
4.) M+ Healers

IMPACT is a AotC focused guild, we pride ourselves on always being willing to help each other, be it raiding, M+, pvp, or even just farming. We do all we can to provide for our raiders in raid, all we ask is the best efforts of our raiders. While IMPACT is not an old guild we have a roster filled with veteran players that are talented in multiple classes and knowledgeable about the game. We are a chill group that enjoys each others company as much as we progressing through content, we do plan on some progression through mythic but CE is not our focus.