Kinyaz the Immortal, Server First

 Anyone remember Kinyaz? 2008, WOTLK days, Horde. I miss you dude. I know everyone would yell at you for spamming your server first, but I remember that day I was looking in trade for someone to help teach me pvp, and you messaged and said you would help. I was excited to tell my friends I was going to pvp with you. 

 You inviting me to Ventrillo ( I also miss vent and random troll soundboards). You than started to show me the ropes, gave me your sign in to all your pvp subscription websites and let me use them whenever I wanted. You were nice and helpful about it. And because of this, over the last 13 years, when I met someone in a game, I always think of how nice you were to a complete stranger, and try to mimic that. 

 You were a pretty legit dude. I hope all is well man! 

 -Xavioan, Undead Rogue