(H) Fri/Sat 3/9M LFM CE Guild (4)
<Concordis> (A) Seeking War/Monk/DK/Pal Tank, Mage/Lock/War/Rogue DPS. 1/9M (4)
Dont buy from We Gucci (3)
[H] <Booty Bay> Project 70 Guild (1)
[H]<PSISTORM Gaming> 6/9M LF Healer, DPS (13)
Long-Time Player Looking For Guild For 5-mans (1)
<The Blooded-[H]> 8/9H and 1/9M- Looking for DPS (1)
(H) RoadRunners - 8/8M Uldir - 3/9M BFD CE guild lf Warrior, Hunter, Boomy & locks! (9)
[H] <The Flying Hellfish> 3/9M, 9/9H - LF Healer (3)
<Meters Over Everything> 1/9m 8/9h 9/9n [H] Turalyon (1)
(H) Holy Paladin LF day or night M guild (1)
Survival LF Cutting Edge Guild (1)
Player with multiple characters lf guild (2)
Experienced player seeking guild (1)
LF late night weekend raiding guild/mythic + (1)
402 DH LF CE Prog Guild 3-day PREF (1)
Returning Rogue LF Mythic Guild (1)
Please delete topic (1)
2 Mythic Raiders LFG (2)
380 Balance Druid - returning and looking for casual heroic raiding (3)
<Blacklisted> 6/9M BoD LFM! (9)
(H) <Deans Disciples> 3/9 M 9/9H LFM DPS and Heals (8)
[H] 368 ilvl Disc Priest LF PvP Guild for rated Arena/BGs (2)
<We Gucci> 8/8M LFM (10)
[H] Into The Drink-KJ 3/9H 7/9N LFM (1)
<Unhallowed> is Recruiting // 8/8H 2/8M (5)
[H] 375 rogue lf 8/8h min, previous us 20s raider (5)
<Convergence> 8/8M Uldir LF Healers/Hunter/Mage Core Spots! (1)
(The Blooded) Horde 3/8M Lf Ranged Dps (1)
(H) Fri/Sat 8/8M LF dps and heals (8)