Selling Heavy Junkboxes

Hello Kil’Jaeden, I’m selling Heavy Junkboxes on my rogue. I’ll be selling them to Kil’jaeden and any connected servers until August 3. They’re currently on sale for 700 gold a piece. Currently, 588 are sitting in my Rogue’s Guild Bank. I am selling to both Alliance & Horde as I have a toon on both who can withdraw anytime and anywhere.

I’m willing to negotiate prices or trade approximate value. I also have successfully sold enough boxes to two players to get their “Insane in the Membrane” title. If you just want a reputation for 100 Reputation achievement, I’m still willing to sell to you. Feel free to add me on bnet: Sedaiv#1539 or on Discord: thesedaiv#8539. I can link you to positive feedback/business transactions.