Screenshot of 4h+Reforge Cutscene that is removed vs cutscene we will get

Oh look here’s some more!

Any more proof required?


ah, so if the other post that and i cant post it? and its diffrent topic, i post a screenshot to show and explain what diffrent and what we will get vs the one that we promised, and to explain to ppl what actually diffrent between reforge cutscene and classic cutscene that we will get, even lots of ppl say reforge scene this and that, lots of ppl still didnt know what it mean or how it diffrent. did any of that post explain that? and what your rights to stop other ppl to post it? u got paid by the dev?


That person is saying to post your complaints in one of those threads instead of making a new one. That’s it.


its an explanation, and what his right to control others ppl post? and what i post is nothing wrong at all.


I think some Cutscenes will left (Like Arthas vs Illidan or the Culling one) and we will get three types of cutscenes,Like in Starcraft 2 Campaings,don’t worry

Maybe if you took the time to look at the threads I linked:

You would then read through the responses and realise that you can carry what you are writing in any one of these.

And actually quoted from the pinned topic in General:


It’s not mine, it’s down to Blizzard moderators. Who thankfully for you do not bother with general discussion it seems.

Do whatever you want dude. Person was just making a suggestion to try and limit the amount of spam littering General Discussion. (spam because all the same topic / complaint)

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I stopped talking in here for about 2 weeks due to this exact reason.

Came back to find it’s the same story.

At this point will likely disappear again, as it’s impossible to find a thread that is actually generally have a discussion rather than trolling and spam and complaining about things.

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trolling?, i redownload and replay the wc3 campaign from the start to taking screenshot and to compare with the reforge cutscene and u call it a troll, u can talk as u like why i cant post what i think is right? and its not against the rule. when u dont like the topic, u can just leave, no need to stop others trying to show comparison and explain the diffrent between reforge cutscene and classic one.

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So I generalised all the posts that are currently in the general forum, and you think I spoke about this post.

Dude read what I write before you throw the toys out of the pram.

I said:

Again. Read what I wrote. And calm down.

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telling ppl to calm down when i didnt comment anything that show rage and even saying “b4 throw the toys out of the pram” it seems u r the one who try to belittle other or trolling here. if u dont like it, and stay in the topic of discussion, just leave this post dude.

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It’s not worth it mate. Just back away slowly out of the thread. :joy:

this guy just wanted to broke every post that he dont like with spamming comment that is out of topic.


Yes I am out of here :joy:

This guy just doesn’t understand or read what someone writes for him.
Before flipping his lid.

Bye Netbattler.
Feel lucky that the mods don’t care about general discussion enough to close duplicate threads!

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Stop editing your post to make it seem like it’s not a duplicate :joy:

4 edits and counting people, last one at the time of my post.

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u still here? see, u r the guy who is just trolling around and spamming out of topic stuff on the post that he dont like. just leave can u? nah, fine just keep your troll, its not like ppl care XD


You just don’t like being called out.
I left and happened to see the discussion title name changed on the general discussion screen.
But don’t worry I am going now :joy:

Ho so any request, suggestion claim or reiteration of something you don’t like is Spam, interesting.
Surely a banana and an orange its the same for you.

If you think that a Theme is Spam you simply report it and leave it in moderation, it is not necessary to drag your hair.

My post was 5 weeks ago and it is a polite request.

The context is not the same of this topic.

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Is he not requesting the exact same thing?

Please do not cut from the Reforged campaign and you quote the Blizzcon 2018 demo.

He is quoting the Blizzcon 2018 demo and asking for the cutscenes not to be cut.

Both threads referring to ‘Purists’.
Him talking about meatshields and you talking about the reason they were cut.

They are one and the same posts just written slightly differently.

There is no reason that they could not be combined into one thread both sharing the same opinion, as they are related to the same topic.

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Is it just me or does it seem like people just don’t read posts around here :skull: