What is Blizzard even doing? Just Look at this

When have they ever mentioned that they will improve this after launch?


first i will copy/paste what a Beta games mean:

A beta test refers to the distribution of pre-release game software to a select group of people so that they can test the game in their own homes. The beta version of a game is as close to perfect as the company can make it, but any bugs, glitches or other issues discovered in beta testing will usually be addressed before the game’s official release.

second the game isnt polished optimized, like i have a high end pc i can run all games on ultra graphics, but on reforged i get huge fps drops and very low fps even on low settings, the reason is because the game is yet not optimized, if you look at the builidings they are pretty unfished, like many annimations if you make a ziggurat its a size of a necropolis, or the bear size its all buged and unfinished yet, they will for sure until release polish the game.


Purists, lack of funding, lack of time, beta build.

Whatever theory it is that you believe in, it’s still shouldn’t surprise you that graphics would be downgraded for the offical release of set game. Some are more blatant, true. But everyone pretty much does this. From Ubisoft with their blatant Watch_Dogs graphics change to even CD Projekt Red with their Witcher 3 release (Look it up for yourself. They downgraded the graphics for the finale release).


Art rating:
Models: 8/10
Terrain: 3/10
Spells Effects: 4/10

I don’t mind the non-cinematic lighting.


I too have to agree the top one looks so much more polished, fresh, new.

The bottom one is just trying too hard to get the same vibe as Classic W3 but it just doesn’t fit and ends up being an awful amalgamation.

I believe pros or purists with their “THAT DIDN’T FEEL LIKE W3” are to blame for the most part. I mean even now that the colors are still too blended and not sharp enough there are tons of purists complaining so they disappointed both parts.

They should have definitely gone for a new, fresh, improved approach. I’m reaaaaallly hoping that’s the case in the Reforged Campaign, at least. That they go full beserk on adding new things instead of being all the same.


No way! The bright and colourful one looks sooo much better. Those graphics will look great while I’m culling stratholme, desecrating the King’s ashes and executing General Proudmoore. In fact, it’s nowhere near cartoony enough, I want it to basically look like clash of clans, oversaturated like WoW, round cartoonish graphics that look like a mobile game designed for 10 year olds.

That’s the only way I can recapture my childhood, yes, the old models were really just low poly models that NEEDED to be stylized in order to be even remotely understandable as anything more than assorted rectangles, but I can’t help but cling to that which I’m nostalgic for.
x_https://imgur.com/a/63vq5an < This is the ideal Farseer body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance(On my aged potato PC) looks like.
Blizzard, please don’t improve anything.
Warcraft 3 may have been known for poor graphics for years as Blizzard never quite got the hang of 3d in it’s first endeavor, but to my nostalgia goggles and inertia contacts the game looked like the Mona Lisa.
Sincerely, the vocal minority; keep pandering to me, keep everything the same.
Bonus content: Free KongHong.
(And for reference: No, I don’t have phones.)

Edit: REfunded the gAme again; this time for real and I’m not planning on repurchasing, don’t think that means I’m done posting here though, I’ll be here all week folks.


There are new doodads/buildings for Capital City, Silvermoon and Ogrimmar.

And outside of the 2000+ unique models (Not just recolors or reused units, thank god xD) of the various units certain new heroes have also been added. Anestarian Sunstrider and Thalorien Dawnseeker have been added into the Fall of Silvermoon (Maybe even with voice lines. We can hope). Even the random Human Archmage in the same campaign got his very own elven model for just that mission.

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Whatever theory it is that you believe in, it’s still shouldn’t surprise you that graphics would be downgraded for the offical release of set game.

Why is this becoming common? Why are we accepting that as a fact nowadays?


because people love supporting victims

the devs confirmed ray tracing, its not yet implemented like the shadows it will look much better when they polish the game, but many of you are very unpatient and act like cry babys, you wait so long for this game i guess you can wait 1 more month when they fix all issues this beta has like bugs,dark coloring,terrain,etc…


keep saying this to yourself man, I hope you don’t live under a rock.


you should first educate yourself and learn what beta means, then when you educated your self we can talk.

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well then you should educate yourself about modern gaming industry and their practices.


if you dont like the game you can still refund, and stop crying here you can play other games, thanks god that most of you arent the devolpers you wuold make world of warcraft 3 from this game.

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Blizzard really eff’ed up in this one. The graphics are so bad that I can hardly call this a remastered game. There are literally games released in 2008 that look better than “this” whatever it is.


people today only think about graphics, there are really great games for you guys with great graphics, warcraft was never a game with good graphics, like many other esport games the graphics dosent matter, its about the gameplay like in sc2,counter strike, are pros are using graphics on low setting cause better performance but i understand you new generation you dont care about gameplay you just care about graphics luckily there are many games with good graphics for you.


oh the classic “if you don’t like play other games” awww don’t worry but I ain’t going anywhere, but I will keep bashing on your safe space until,blizzard fixes it, I got a refund already.


Buddy, remastered games ARE supposed to have better graphics, that’s literally the whole point of the current trend. If graphics don’t matter to you, either lower the settings or just stick with classic. Don’t ruin the game’s visual just because your PC can’t handle it. smh boomers these days.


thanks god that warcraft 3 will not have a community like fortnite 13 years old kids who care about graphics, warcraft 3 is a old game and the community is maybe the oldest from all games, thanks god you refund it go play a game with good graphics.


Sadly, it’s the state of gaming nowadays. There’s nothing we can really do since it’s profitable for companies to do these kinds of actions.
Just like how there will be microtransactions in Cyperpunk 2077 multiplayer even with all the backlash there is whenever a game is released with them.