The Culling 2018 Demo vs The Culling imported into Beta 2019

The problem is you have a very rudimentary unserstanding of what you actually want.

You think that the maps look different so iy must be the graphics, but you aren’t making any distinction between the models and the environment those models are displayed.

Let me show you an example. The models are all the same. The ones you see in 2018 Demo are the exact same as the ones you load up in 2019 world editor. Same models are used in the Unreal editor video too.

So why does 2019 world editor look so bad? Because the editor does not render the units with proper lighting. Only in game does. And when you load up old maps? They are also missing proper lighting because they are using 2002-2017 map settings.

So when you are looking at the quality, its not the models looking worse. Its all about the lighting making things washed out.

So you want 2019 beta melee to look like Culling demo right?

But 2002 Culling doesn’t even look like 2002 melee, so you can’t just say melee in 2019 should look like the Culling map at all. The Culling is literally using different lighting because it is a campaign map using different lights and fog effects that are not used in melee.

So melee will never look like the Culling. I understand if that is how you want melee to look like, but I am telling you that is not what Blizzard is doing. You can say 2019 looks worse right now, but that doesn’t mean it will change just because you think it looks worse

And the worst part? Because your feedback is so disconnected from what I’m explaining here, Blizzard isn’t gonna take what you say as legit feedback to change the game to. Just like they won’t add 5th Naga race just because its already playable in the campaign. Its not a realistic comparison between Melee and the Campaign.

At most, the melee will have updated lighting to render units better and have options for deeper shadows. I doubt the demo UI would ever return. I doubt melee would be desaturated. These are things that pros want, and when it comes to melee the Pros have more sway in feedback than someone who can’t tell the difference between a campaign map and melee.


Pros have too much weight in reforged. The models are not the same by the way. Many models were changed like Jaina, footmen, etc.

I’m baffled they didn’t change the melee paladin though.


It depends what you mean changed though.

I saw your other thread where you show Arthas from demo and compare to Arthas in the editor.

Those are the same models but different rendering because editor doesn’t render lightinf and effects. Your example in that thread was blatantly wrong so you need to be clear on what difference you mean.

If you are talking about footman getting a new shield, then yes that is a change. But if you are saying Footman in editor looks bad compared to 2018 demo then you are not comparing the same things since anything in the editor will always look worse.


They still have the same look in both! I really like their look! They are amazing but the graphics still needs match with modern look with them!

They literally think these are different models, because they don’t understand how any of this works…

I’ve seen people on here make arguments that Blizzard needs another 6 months to go back and 're do" all the models because the lighting doesn’t look like the 2018 demo.

They don’t understand how lighting works, their brains are just locked in like a lazer on “these graphics no look like I like, so me angry and come back each day to say bad until you fix, then I happy, NO ME NOT TROLL, U R TROLL!”.

~5 minutes later~

“hey graphics no look good, plz fix, I like old better, thank you”

~5 minutes later~

“I see graphics like old and think, wow very good, pls make like this”

~5 minutes later~

“I wonder if game would be better if graphics look like in 2018, we like this”

~5 minutes later~

“LOL me not trolling, YOU trolling… stop you mean”

This forum DESPERATELY needs a moderator.


People really liked how the last year’s graphics looked, and no one complained about that.

Community really liked the graphics in 2018!
Just look those quotes from the last year!

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People really liked how the last year’s graphics looked, and no one complained about that.

Yeah “no one” complained, which explains why they changed it…

I bet it went something like this…

Blizzard: “Here is our 2018 demo! What do you think about the new look?”
Blizzard: “Oh ya? JUST KIDDING. We hate the fans. Now we’ll change it.”

???.. yes this I’m sure is what happened.


hah more like you bias mofos only showed the threads you loved, and not the same amount if not more threads saying how they dislike it.


Will the shadow move/change position along with the day and night cycle?

No, i was wondering about it 2 days ago with a few people and i did a quick test from the World editor of current beta and shadows didn’t change position.

i love how everyone compares 2 pointless screenshots instead of saying how the Reforged culling cut away one undead base and made the map smaller.
and less RTS alike

you begin to think those people b!tchin about the graphics don’t give a fvck about the RTS aspect.
just a thought :smile:

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The game simply needs to be delayed. It’s not ready.


Yeah, that’s true! Everything looks good in demo! I also wanted to know why they exchanged, the previous was much more detailed and matches with the scenario and the modern look! I also remember that the trees of demo sway with the wind!


i don’t understand the effort you and myhria are doing here making up posts every damn day blizzard won’t listen to you anyway


For understand just read your post before!

Few people actually argue about that being a bad change. And tbh for those who care, the original maps are still gonna be available for you.

that just makes this statement more RRRRRRRIGHT.

you begin to think those people b!tchin about the graphics don’t give a fvck about the RTS aspect. just a thought

:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

Oh I know what they give, but they aren’t gonna get what they want no matter how much they want it.

Time to face reality, y’know?

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I think the game still able to get those look aspects again! With that this will really look like a beautiful new game!

Dude, it’s a campaign. There are plenty of other missions that have more base building and stuff. Having variety is a good thing.

This will still with the updated campaign changes?