Concerns over Character Model Changes


Hi Blizzard/Community,

I have never posted here but I have been a huge fan of Warcraft 3 since i was a small kid discovering video gaming for the first time.
Warcraft 3 was my first online game and I had many good times from then up until now STILL playing Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos TO THIS DAY.

I am very sad you locked RoC – as I never made the jump into TFT but that is a seperate matter! (RoC is still the Warcraft from MY childhood…)

I am writing this because I cannot overlook some of the change in direction of character art/model/design and feel that I am worried about other changes that might follow with it…

I was always a huge Night Elf fan so I will be discussing purely on my opinion of these changes – but that does not mean I do not have strong feelings about the other races too.

This is ‘Warcraft 3: REFORGED’ emphasis on Reforged right?
This is about and based on PAST events NOT the events of World of Warcraft.

This is my Tyrande Whisperwind:
The one I grew up with

Whilst I understand these are outdated they are still the ORIGINAL design of the character that I know and love. Now quite distinctly she has BLUE HAIR with a elune/moon jewel that we all journeyed through Warcraft 3 campaigns with.

Now the first time I was concerned was when I saw the official site for Reforged had this image for her:

But also in your concept arts she has Teal hair and is missing the elune/moon jewel…

Concept art reforged Tyrande:

In the recent leak she looks vastly different:

Recent leaked Image:

Which to me is much more in line with what she looks like in WoW (future events that is all after Warcraft 3)

How she looks in WoW:

Which to me has now gone in the direction of the Heroes of the Storm design:

Now whilst this could be explained much better than someone like me…
This is just not the same Tyrande that I grew up playing Warcraft 3 with…
This is the WoW / Heroes of the Storm version which is all AFTER Warcraft 3 (you could pass that off by saying she is older / changed hair whatever) but its not Tyrande from the time period in Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos // The Frozen Throne.

And you can apply this logic to A LOT of the changes being made to characters across all of Reforged…
It really worries me about what will happen to some of the other characters.

For example Cenarius in Warcraft 3:

But in WoW:
UPDATED- - - Realise I got this image wrong apologies for that.

Which makes me fearful for the Keeper of the Grove and Demon Hunter models…
Or the basic paladin…

Sorry but look at that haircut compared to the original:

And its not just the heroes/characters either… some of the units are heavily influenced from designs based on WoW models.

Example being ALL of these silhouettes:
https ://

And a lot of the models visible in gameplay videos and pictures on the website that were not shown in this post I.E the Footman.
(I could show many more but you get the point I was trying to make I hope).

Slight variations are to be expected but some of these fundamentally change the look and designs of the original and for me and many others they are just not our Warcraft (the past) its too much influence from WoW/HoTS (future) events and designs.

I know that we can just use the old Warcraft classic version etc – thats what everyone will say. But let me ask you this.

Do die hard fans of Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne not deserve our characters with their original designs looking glorious in HD / 4k too?

I don’t know what I am trying to accomplish with this – its more just writing my thoughts onto somewhere it might be read.
But please Blizzard. Keep all of this in mind with these changes you are making.
Warcraft 3 was the ORIGINAL not WoW.
You are essentially touching up the original not re-designing it to bring it in line with WoW… At least that is what I and many others were hoping for…

And I really hope for the sake of Warcraft 3 that we are not alone on this because we are the one’s who have been playing since 2002 onwards.
Who will still be here after people have played through the RTS once or twice and go back to their MMORPGs.

–I realise this is probably not the best explanation and maybe I could have portrayed the point better – but this was a real attempt to reach out and put my honest opinion out there.–

Please try to respect my opinion as I will respect yours in the replies.

Thank you for reading!

PS: Why cant I post images or at least links to the images? Made writing this very difficult…


Just wanted to quote something I wrote below because people keep seeming to skip the thread and assume that I want a purist only Warcraft 3 remaster.
Which is not what I am implying:

Night Elf hero units are not accurate to Wc3
Summery Of The Ongoing Earthquake In The Forums

maybe because the picture you linked is literally malfurion’s model?
cenarius in wow actually looks like this:
and as i can see he’s on 4 legs, like his wc3 model

idk about you but i don’t think linking wrong pictures is a very professional thing to do


No, we don’t.

I’m gonna tell you that before the king of the omelettes come here and rephrase it in a much more complicated way.
That being said, don’t expect much from this game
As I made that point before… Look at the difference when serving their wow public and serving warcraft 3 public… We don’t represent much money therefore we don’t have rights we gotta suck it.

Look at when they changed the character models from wow, and how they didn’t even dare to add some of the original designs for the characters because they wouldn’t change anything about the beloved characters…

Now look at what they doing with these characters… It’s garbage…

The blizz fan Boys here they will tell you the original games didn’t have enough pixels to really tell what the original concept art was… Or that you can still play the old game… And many other things

They are blizz hard die fans…
Don’t try to put sense into them
It’s like explaining science to a chicken.


Hmm if I got an image wrong then i am happy to be corrected.

And professional? I didn’t realise I was paid for this…

Did I not ask for people to respect my opinion as I will respect yours?

This is precisely why I never posted on any of these before because you are not interested in the topic just here to nitpick or start arguments over nothing…




The main point is that regardless of what people think looks better is that these characters had distinct looks in Warcraft 3. Blue hair or different armour or weapon styles covering a wide variety of units / heroes / styles / looks in the RTS.

Which are already PAST EVENTS.

This game is covering those same past events.

You can’t just go back in time and change things because WoW audiences know they looked like that in WoW.

This was BEFORE WoW the characters are younger and had different styles.
It’s meant to be the prequel to WoW.
Why can’t we keep their original looks seperated from the WoW ones?

They are offering skins I heard – and things like female Demon Hunters etc?
Why cant the original look that you would play the campaign with or original unit designs stay true to the original – WITH THE OPTION of skins / future variants.

Lets have the true to the original as the DEFAULT.
And OPTION to change to new looks or skins?

That is all I am suggesting…

IN THE PAST Tyrande had blue hair…
No nevermind lets re-write our history and change it to teal because she had teal in the future? What?

(just one basic example)

Hopefully thats more clear…


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Sorry who are we referring to? ^^


didn’t know tyrande was a trap.


sorry, fixed the confusion :wink:



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Please can we stay on subject and hold a discussion rather than descending into the abyss of trolling? We are less than 20 posts in… Lol


because apparently i can’t even joke anymore
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and trust me yours isn’t better either.


So, what is your point exactly? Hair colour? Didn’t you get the memo from Martin Luther the Second that we ought to be colour-blind?

What else? What don’t you like about the ChinaJoy models? People generally like everything about them aside from Thrall’s wolf and maybe the lack of a paw on Huntress’ glaive. Do you have more objections?

Post links this way.

WoW retcons are fine. I want a new story, new designs. It is their time to shine. That’s why I’m angry that Thrall rides a big black canine (instead of a white wolf). WoW and WC3 are one franchise.


Then go ahead, make a post on why u think the story should be new, and all reconts and all that stuff… And don’t feel the need to comment on how others shouldn’t speak their mind too

I don’t think anybody is really talking abiut the Chinajoy models here…

This as for custom maps and random playable models look great if that’s what u want to hear…

Tranquility is pointing out of the depiction of a character on the campaigns


Where did I do that thing? I’m not a royalist, I’m a Juche revolutionary. I am gentle and kind and ruthless and open to debate.

Well, that’s the problem. We ought to talk. We shall.


Make a post about Chinajoy models… We cna discuss there.


The thread title is literally Concerns over Character Model Changes!.

Gods, why are you so dense?


Because u probably didn’t even bother to read the main post, or maybe I misunderstood but this is about specific character models/designs
More specifically about tyrande


The thing I’m observing with Reforged is that there is no consistency between WC3, WoW and ‘current lore’.

It is definitely odd that they showed us Tyrande with Teal hair, which matches with her current WoW and HOTS depiction, but the POTM has blue hair in the Reforged concept art. Then we have Thralls black wolf retained while he has a white wolf in lore.

Im not sure what moon jewel we are talking about here though.

Also i am sure Malfurion will have green hair as depicted in a lot of modern art rather than blue hair in the original. I just hope he doesn’t have the weird feather arms, but he probably will.