1.30.4 Patch Notes

Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers,

2018 was a great year. We addressed a significant amount of complicated tech debt from the legacy game and server infrastructure, announced Reforged, and have started the road to sweeping improvements no matter how you play the game.

It wasn’t without its bumps and missteps; as we began the process of turning a very large ship. Thanks to everyone that understands how difficult this process is, and for the rest: we are listening, and we are working diligently to get things into order. Looking forward to '19.


  • Fixed more cached data desynchronizations



Hail Pete.

Give your devs a rest from reforged and fix the other bugs please :).


Thank you, looking forward for Arrange Team and Tournament fixes <3


Are you kidding me? You destroyed my favorite game that year.

Uh no, you are not. You are ignoring the majority of the community. You come across as insanely arrogant and disrespectful towards the people playing this game. You are ruining not only your own but also blizzards reputation. Blizzard is getting daily negative reviews because of you.

Yeah, but we, the most loyal warcraft 3 players dont.


Someone just got desynced so idk.

gogo warcraft we need so see a better game!


I don’t know if I’m blind but I don’t see a way to install the game from the link provided


Legion TD HELL v3.94 is STILL desyncing, how long are we going to wait till this mess is fixed finally? i might as well switch to eurobattle. net at this point.

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Hey when are you guys going to fix the /ban for clan channels??? It’s incomprehensible that its not fixed yet.
Furthermore, in patch 1.30.2 hotfix 2 it was acknowledged that games with only 1 team should be able to start, when will this happen?
The changes are not bad, the bugs and errors are the things ruining warcraft 3. How can something like /ban in clan channels get bugged?!


Can anyone verify Arranged teams work now?


Can we have an offical pinned thread for balance please ?

otherwise, all the technical issues, balancing and other stuff will be posted in one thread that will most likely be deleted in some weeks…

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Oh dear Pete,

We’re all disappointed once more. Where is MGs and KotG nerf we all need?


gotta scroll all the way down to the bottom my dude

Yeah the issue with ‘‘creating a map can cause you to be sent straight back to the chat channel’’ is still harsj.

lol well no one gave a fudge about going to the PTR to test if it got better. And since they got no complaints from the PTR, they rolled out the patch live of course.



Did you move the EU servers? My ping went up exactly 15ms after coming back from vacation… I did do a trace route but without having old traceroute results its hard to say anything on the reason.

Anyone knows how to fix “stuck at 65%” issue? I checked game folder and I do not see any file being updated.

its not our job to test anything, im not paid by blizzard to waste my time and test if fckups they made, are fixed.


Thanks Pete.

As a big fan I followed/lurked on the SC:R forums back when it was announced, so I’m familiar with how much time these things take. A lot of people complained back then as they do now (though there are some complains that are valid as I’m sure you know). But seeing how some attack you personally just hurts the community. Remastering a game takes a long time and we will wait patiently for when you, and the team, finish fixing the bugs.

Say hi to the team for me and thank them for their hard work!