Please do not change the original Lore!

If he could find a way to blackmail us to buy his games and give him money, he would.

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so anyways the point is either buy Reforged or don’t, it’s not that complex an issue

Let reforged defile the lore? I think not. You think this is simple but it isn’t. I want this series to get better, not worse.


“I don’t like your work, I will not support it” will suffice.

What about I did like your work and I want to to leave thing alone before you mess up your old work?

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Funny, because that’s not an issue because the old work will still be there. In fact it’s still downloadable right now, completely untouched!

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It’s being untouched… yet there’s a patch…

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That doesn’t touch the campaign mode that this entire thread is about. Case closed.

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Honestly what are you trying to prove by this? You just keep saying “the original is still there, go play it”

You don’t get the point still. If they change the lore of Warcraft 3 reforged, Warcraft 4 will carry on with that lore.

Even though Warcraft 3 still exists it will be considered headcanon at that point.

It is defiling the series.

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You mean like how the Warcraft series as a whole has been moving forward over the years anyways even without other RTS releases?

Like, are you even fathoming how late for the bus you are on this?

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Ive never been opposed to that.

It just wouldnt be called WC4 is all, because WoW is established canon no matter how much we resist it.

Id love to see an alternate take on events post WC3. I think this is ultimately something up to fans to tackle because Blizzard doesnt have a lot of room to maneuver in any official means. Technically, there are no mistakes to avoid since WC3 itself went against its own history by making Orcs honourable instead of how they should always have remained, as Warhammer-esque war mongerers.

The Warcraft movie didn’t follow WOW lore.

Watch the Warcraft movie then

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and it is not more than 15 years ago.

Have you written a story yet? Or did you write for a college essay? Note that it is normal to return a paragraph and change what was written before.

Forcing the community to see how things were, knowing of all the changes that have been made I find something bizarre.

The old player knows the retcons. And the beginning player would hardly be interested in playing a version of folklore a decade ago, knowing that the current version is different.

Like it or not, Warcraft is no longer as it was in 2002. What has been changed is no longer canon.

Nostalgia has limits …

Oh no, the one movie with two related tie-in novels (compared to the other 31) and one comic book (compared to the other 9) didn’t follow the mainline canon.

The sky is falling.

The text is all in the game, just copy/paste it into reforged. How hard is that?

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Why not hand herself to argent dawn, but take a “painful crippling” tower dive. I don’t think you understand how falling works… it can be quite instant death. And falling damage is 10fold in game WoW lul.

Thank god you not write the lore.

I thought the movie was actually good. They started from scratch with an alternate universe and I think they handled it quite well. Better than how Blizzard is handling the lore these days.

I want a Warcraft 2 movie… but it won’t happen because critics caused the film to do poorly by giving the film bad reviews.

Well she survived… what do you make of that? Lol.

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No doubt the community will make maps about it.
Not counting as several replicas of Azeroth, raids and encounters with Reforged models, made by the fans.
Looking forward to it.

Then how about blizzard don’t change the lore of Warcraft 3 reforged and let the players make their own story from the original Warcraft 3 lore as a continuation.

If I had the skills and knowhow of how to make custom maps, I would.

And what is the difficulty of understanding that the game is no longer the same in 2019?

I swear I understand that feeling. Warcraft is the game of my life. But some things have already changed and we do not always have control of it.